June 19, 2009

Incinerators Nanoparticles are safe. Trust Us.

Tiny particles from incinerators will reduce your life by up to two years.

Nobody understands the science. That's why we have Fianna Fail.

You can trust your clever politicians to protect you by directing their political appointees, dressed up as scientists, at EPA, Bord Pleanala, and elsewhere.

Expert challenges risk study for incinerator


Wed, Jun 10, 2009

TOXICOLOGICAL EFFECTS of nano-particles such as those produced from an incinerator stack can be responsible for exacerbating human health problems including asthma, bronchitis and heart disease, according to a scientific expert who gave evidence on behalf of objectors at a public hearing yesterday.

Prof C Vyvyan Howard described Indaver Ireland’s risk assessment of possible health problems associated with a proposed toxic waste incinerator at Ringaskiddy in Cork as “simplistic” and “fundamentally flawed”.

His claims were disputed by Indaver Ireland. Prof Howard, who is in charge of of bioimaging at the University of Ulster, has written and spoken in a variety of forums to draw attention to the threat posed by pollutants to developing foetuses and infants.

Speaking on behalf of anti-incinerator campaign group Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment at a hearing on the proposed incinerator yesterday, Prof Howard, described as a medically qualified toxico-pathologist, claimed there were airborne particles for which there was no known safe level, and that Indaver Ireland’s risk assessment did not cover the emittance of such particles. “The risk assessment in relation to particles that has been undertaken by Indaver is rather simplistic and appears to ignore the very significant contribution made to particulate burdens made by sulphur dioxide and especially nitrous oxide emissions.”

Prof Howard said while effects of individual toxins were known, the effects of multiple toxins in the air was unknown, and research into such effects was difficult.

Indaver Ireland’s risk assessment is based on the effects of individual toxins as per Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards.

“This approach is fundamentally flawed for those emissions like particles, for which no safe level can be demonstrated,” Prof Howard said.

Air pollution levels well within legal limits were killing people, he claimed, “especially older people and those with chronic heart and lung ailments”. Children and foetuses were particularly at risk from airborne pollutant particles, as their immune system and lungs were not fully developed, he said.

“There can be no doubt that children and even the foetus are particularly vulnerable to particle air pollutants, while this has been largely overlooked in setting current standards and controls,” he said.

He cited a review by scientists Joachim Heinrich and Remy Slama showing fine particle pollutants had been associated with infant mortality, impaired lung function and, less consistently, with sudden infant death syndrome.

In his report, Prof Howard claimed Indaver had “completely omitted any consideration of secondary particles and their impacts from their assessments”, which he said can account for a major fraction of the particles emitted by incinerators, despite filtration.

It was claimed that a high proportion of ultra-fine particles emitted through the incineration process evaded filtration systems.

“The subsequent direct uptake of these respirable particles and the ready transfer from the lungs into the bloodstream may be part of the reason that traditional toxicology is at a loss to explain the level of impacts for such apparently low exposures,” he said.

An Indaver Ireland spokesman said Prof Howard’s opinion was “at odds” with views of the World Health Organisation, EU and EPA. “Dioxins are all around us every day. Traffic, home heating and agriculture are among the main dioxin contributors. WHO and EU set safe level limits for dioxin emissions, and expert analysis has shown that the proposed development will have a minuscule effect,” the spokesman said.

The hearing is expected to continue until the end of next week.

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NAMA & DDDA And The IGB Frontman

The DDDA Farce Continues.

What is the true purpose wherein Finance Minister Lenihan even considers appointing the front-man for the Irish Glass Bottle site 'sale' to NAMA?

What about basic governance? What about past business deals with DDDA? NAMA now has less credibility than either Anglo or DDDA.

DDDA is highly challenged by its curious links with Anglo-Irish Bank. DDDA and Anglo were possibly the catalyst for the €490 thousand million banking guarantee scam, and the €90 thousand million NAMA scam.

The large hole in the ground at the Irish Glass Bottle site in Ringsend is apparently being sold to Irish taxpayers for €490 million, or so. This is consistent with Mr Biffo and Mr Lenihan following the instructions given to them by the galway tent cartel in September 2008.


Glass Bottlers dealmaker Mulcahy linked with property role at Nama

By Nick Webb

Sunday June 14 2009

JOHN Mulcahy, chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle, is likely to be tapped up to become Nama's latest recruit. Mulcahy was a key adviser on some of the largest property deals done at the height of the boom.

As the then chief executive of Jones Lang LaSalle,

  • Mulcahy fronted a number of major deals, including the €430m sale of the Ringsend Glass Bottle site by South Wharf to a consortium including Bernard McNamara, Derek Quinlan Dublin docklands Development Authority.
  • Mulcahy was also involved in a number of major DDDA schemes including the development of retail and residential complexes at Grand Canal quay.

It is understood that the businessman may be approached to take a key property portfolio advisory role at the State asset management agency. Further legal and banking advisers are also being sought after PwC and HSBC were appointed by Nama last week.

Mulcahy welcomed the creation of Nama after the April budget. "This measure makes sound commercial sense for both Government and banks," he said.

Based in Dublin since 1964, Jones Lang LaSalle has been central to the development of major office and retail schemes around the country. It is also prominent in the industrial property sector. The company is part of the US Jones Lang LaSalle group.

Last year, Jones Lang LaSalle made pretax profits of €4.9m.

John Mulcahy was unavailable for comment.

- Nick Webb

June 8, 2009

Incinerator firm hopes to raise $400 million bond

The US firm leading the consortium to build an incinerator at Poolbeg in Dublin is attempting to raise $400 million from bond investors to part-finance the project.

Covanta, a US-quoted energy firm, is heading Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd, which has been awarded the contract to build and operate the incinerator. The consortium recently assured Dublin City Council that all funding was in place for the project.

However, Covanta has struggled to secure finance for phase one of the project, and is now seeking to raise $400 million through ‘‘cash-convertible senior notes’’. It is proposing to pay investors a return of 6.5 per cent a year on their capital. [Should read 3.25% p.a. ??]

In documents filed last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US, Covanta said the net proceeds of the bond issue would be used for working capital, including ‘‘funding a portion of the construction cost for a 1,700 metric energy-from waste facility in Dublin’’.

It is understood that Covanta had tried to raise bank debt, but no institution was willing to act as the primary banker to the Poolbeg project, due to the lack of liquidity on the international credit markets.

However, a number of lenders have informed the consortium that they may consider part-financing latter aspects of the project. The planned incinerator is a central element of the country’s waste management strategy. If completed as planned, it will burn 600,000 tonnes of waste a year, creating electricity for 50, 000 homes and hot water heating for a further 60,000 households. However, there has been opposition both to the Poolbeg project, and to incineration in general in Ireland, with a number of projects beset by delays.

Last week, John Gormley, the Green Party Minister for the Environment, is sued a circular which stated that he would introduce a levy to be borne by companies incinerating waste and anybody selling waste for incineration.

Gormley has also instructed the director general of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),Dr Mary Kelly, and all council managers nationwide, that they must in future ‘‘refrain from exercising their powers in such a way as to direct waste to landfill or incineration’’.

Gormley told the EPA and the council heads that he was initiating a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), instructing them that government policy had taken decisive steps to encourage recycling and discourage incineration.


June 1, 2009

Covanta - List of Subsidiaries

List of Subsidiaries
8309 Tujunga Avenue Corp.
American Commercial Lines Holdings LLC
Burney Mountain Power
Capital Compost & Waste Reduction Services, LLC
Central Valley Biomass Holdings, LLC
Central Valley Fuels Management Inc.
Covanta Alexandria / Arlington, Inc.
Covanta ARC Company
Covanta ARC Holdings, LLC
Covanta ARC LLC
Covanta B-3, LLC
Covanta Babylon, Inc.
Covanta Berkshire Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Berkshire Operations, Inc.
Covanta Bessemer, Inc.
Covanta Biofuels, Inc.
Covanta Bristol, Inc.
Covanta Capital District II LLC
Covanta Capital District LLC
Covanta Capital District, L.P
Covanta Company of SEMASS, L.P.

Covanta Connecticut (S.E.), LLC
Covanta Delano, Inc.
Covanta Delaware Valley II, LLC
Covanta Delaware Valley LLC
Covanta Delaware Valley, L.P.
Covanta Development Company LLC
Covanta Energy Americas, Inc.
Covanta Energy Asia, Inc.
Covanta Energy Corporation
Covanta Energy Europe, Inc
Covanta Energy Group, Inc.
Covanta Energy Resource Corp.
Covanta Energy Services, Inc.
Covanta Engineering Services, Inc.
Covanta Essex Company
Covanta Essex II, LLC
Covanta Essex LLC
Covanta Fairfax, Inc.
Covanta Frederick/Carroll, Inc.
Covanta Funds Administration, Inc.
Covanta Hampton Roads LLC
Covanta Harford, Inc.
Covanta Harrisburg, Inc.
Covanta Haverhill Associates

Covanta Haverhill Properties, Inc.
Covanta Haverhill, Inc.
Covanta Hawaii Energy LLC
Covanta Hempstead Company
Covanta Hempstead II, LLC
Covanta Hempstead LLC
Covanta Hennepin Energy Resource Co., Limited Partnership
Covanta Hillsborough, Inc.
Covanta Holding Corporation
Covanta Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture
Covanta Huntington Limited Partnershiip
Covanta Huntington Resource Recovery One Corp.
Covanta Huntington Resource Recovery Seven Corp.
Covanta Huntsville, Inc.
Covanta Hydro Operations West, Inc.
Covanta Indianapolis, Inc.
Covanta Insurance Holdings Corporation
Covanta Kent, Inc.
Covanta Lake Holding Corp.
Covanta Lake II, Inc.
Covanta Lancaster, Inc.
Covanta Lee, Inc.
Covanta Long Island, Inc.
Covanta Maine, LLC

Covanta Marion Land Corp.
Covanta Marion, Inc.
Covanta Mendota Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Mendota, L.P.
Covanta Mid-Conn, Inc.
Covanta Montgomery, Inc.
Covanta Niagara II, LLC
Covanta Niagara LLC
Covanta Niagara, L.P.
Covanta Oahu Waste Energy Recovery, Inc.
Covanta Omega Lease, Inc.
Covanta Onondaga Five Corp.
Covanta Onondaga Four Corp.
Covanta Onondaga Limited Partnership
Covanta Onondaga Operations, Inc.
Covanta Onondaga Three Corp.
Covanta Onondaga Two Corp.
Covanta Onondaga, Inc.
Covanta Operations of SEMASS II, LLC
Covanta Operations of SEMASS LLC
Covanta Operations of Union LLC
Covanta OPW Associates, Inc.
Covanta OPWH, Inc.
Covanta Otay 3 Company

Covanta Pasco, Inc.
Covanta Pinellas, Inc.
Covanta Pittsfield, LLC
Covanta Power Development of Mauritius, Inc.
Covanta Power Development, Inc.
Covanta Power International Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Power Pacific, Inc.
Covanta Power Plant Operations
Covanta Projects of Hawaii, Inc.
Covanta Projects of Wallingford, L.P.
Covanta Projects, Inc.
Covanta Ref-Fuel Finance LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel Holdings LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel II LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel Management II, LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel Management LLC
Covanta Renewable Fuels LLC
Covanta Research & Technology, LLC
Covanta RRS Holdings, Inc.
Covanta SBR Associates
Covanta Secure Services, LLC

Covanta SEMASS, L.P.
Covanta Southeastern Connecticut Company
Covanta Southeastern Connecticut, L.P.
Covanta Springfield, LLC
Covanta Stanislaus, Inc.
Covanta Systems, LLC
Covanta Union, Inc.
Covanta Wallingford Associates, Inc.
Covanta Warren Energy Resource Co., Limited Partnership
Covanta Warren Holdings I, Inc.
Covanta Warren Holdings II, Inc.
Covanta Waste to Energy of Italy, Inc.
Covanta Waste to Energy, LLC
Covanta Water Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Water Systems, Inc.
Covanta WBH, LLC
Danielson Indemnity Company
Danielson Insurance Company
Danielson National Insurance Company
Danielson Reinsurance Corporation
DSS Environmental, Inc.
Generating Resource Recovery Partners L.P.
Haverhill Power, LLC

Koma Kulshan Associates L.P.
Kramer Capital Consultants, Inc.
LMI, Inc.
Michigan Waste Energy, Inc.
Mount Kisco Transfer Station, Inc.
MSW Energy Erie LLC
MSW Energy Finance Co. II, Inc.
MSW Energy Finance Co., Inc.
MSW Energy Holdings II LLC
MSW Energy Holdings LLC
MSW Energy Hudson LLC
Mt. Lassen Power
NAICC Insurance Services
National American Insurance Company of California
New Covanta Lake Holding LLC
OPI Quezon, LLC
Pacific Energy Operating Group, L.P.
Pacific Energy Resources Incorporated
Pacific Hydropower Company
Pacific Oroville Power, Inc.
Pacific Recovery Corporation
Pacific Wood Fuels Company
Pacific-Ultrapower Chinese Station

Peabody Monofill Associates, Inc.
Penstock Power Company
Recycling Industries Transfer Station, LLC
SEMASS Partnership
South Fork II Associates Limited Partnership
Thermendota, Inc.
TransRiver II, LLC
TransRiver LLC
TransRiver Canada Incorporated
TransRiver Marketing Company, L.P.
TransRiver Philadelphia LLC
TransRiver Portsmouth LLC
TransRiver Transfer Systems LLC
TransRiver Waste LLC
UAH Groveville Hydro Associates
UAH Management Corp
Valor Insurance Company, Incorporated
Ambiente 2000 S.R.L.
Bal-Sam India Holdings Limited
Chengdu Jiuniang Environmental Energy Co. Ltd.
Chongqing Sanfeng Covanta Environmental Industry Co., Ltd.
Covanta Bangladesh Operating Limited
Covanta Cayman (Rojana) Limited
Covanta Cayman (Sahacogen) Limited

Covanta Energy (Ireland) Limited
Covanta Energy (Thailand) Limited
Covanta Energy (UK) Limited
Covanta Energy Asia Holdings Limited
Covanta Energy Asia Pacific Limited
Covanta Energy China (Delta) Limited
Covanta Energy China (Gamma) Limited
Covanta Energy India (Balaji) Limited
Covanta Energy India (CBM) Limited
Covanta Energy India (Samalpatti) Limited
Covanta Energy India Private Limited
Covanta Energy International Investments Limited
Covanta Energy Limited
Covanta Energy Philippine Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Europe Engineering Limited
Covanta Europe Holdings S.a.r.l.
Covanta Europe Operations Limited
Covanta Five Limited
Covanta Four Limited
Covanta Holding Limited
Covanta India Operating Private Limited
Covanta Italy Holding, S.r.l.
Covanta Italy I S.r.l.
Covanta Italy II S.r.l.

Covanta Madurai Operating Private Limited
Covanta Mauritius O&M Ltd.
Covanta One Limited
Covanta Philippines Operating, Inc.
Covanta Samalpatti Operating Private Limited
Covanta Three Limited
Covanta Two Limited
Covanta Waste to Energy Asia Investments
Covanta Waste to Energy Asia Limited
Covanta Waste to Energy Asia Ltd
Dublin Waste to Energy (Holdings) Limited
Dublin Waste to Energy Limited
Edison (Bataan) Cogeneration Corporation
Enereruope Holdings III, B.V.
GOA Holdings Limited
Guangzhou Development Covanta Environmental Industry Co., Ltd.
Hidro Operaciones Don Pedro S.A.
Madurai Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
NEPC Consortium Power Ltd.
Ogden Energy (Gulf) Limited
Ogden Energy India (Bakreshwar) Limited
Ogden Power Development — Cayman, Inc.
Ogden Taiwan Investments Limited
OLMEC Insurance Ltd.

P.H. Don Pedro
P.H. Rio Volcan
Power Operations and Maintenance Limited
Prima S.r.l.
Quezon Power (Philippines) Limited
Quezon Power, Inc.
Samalpatti Power Company Private Limited
Taixing Covanta Yanjiang Cogeneration Company Limited

List of Significant Subsidiaries
Covanta ARC Holdings, LLC
Covanta ARC LLC
Covanta Energy Corporation
Covanta Essex Company
Covanta Essex LLC
Covanta Hempstead Company
Covanta Hempstead LLC
Covanta RRS Holdings, Inc.
Covanta SEMASS, L.P.
MSW Energy Hudson LLC
Quezon Power, Inc.
Covanta Power International Holdings, Inc.