February 8, 2012

890,000 tonnes of CO2 pollution from one Covanta incinerator.

Covanta’s SEMASS incinerator in Rochester, Massachusetts, produced about 890,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2010.

NOX, Dioxins, Furans and dust, especially PM 2.5 is additional. Not forgetting accidents.  And explosions.


Read more: http://www.patriotledger.com/topstories/x720909840/EPA-Fore-River-plant-is-3rd-highest-direct-source-of-greenhouse-gas-emissions-in-Mass#ixzz1lnnG5Rx8

Covanta SEMASS cited for safety violations

ROCHESTER — Two years after an explosion caused a two-day fire and led to the discovery of safety violations, the SEMASS trash-burning plant has been cited for four more violations.
.On March 31, 2007, a fire, which burned for two days, broke out at the plant following an explosion in a garbage shredder. That blaze caused $18 million in damage and required the help of firefighters from 36 surrounding towns.

"Mafia" Waste Arrives in Rotterdam Port.

Rotterdam, Jan 23, 2012.

Guess why the site for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator is in Dublin port.  On 23 January 2012 in the port of Rotterdam work began on unloading the first shipment of mafia controlled waste from Naples   Nobody knows what toxins are mixed in with the so-called "household waste".  Ask the buffalo before throwing your mozzarella pizza in the toxins bin.

Efficient recycling programs have reduced the volume of waste in Holland.  This gives capital-intensive incinerators a problem - the white-elephants have too much capacity.  

So the Dutch incinerators now have to import waste from Naples where the market is controlled by The Camorra. The Dutch also import waste from Britain and will soon do so from Germany.   Holland is already one of the most polluted countries in Europe with high premature death rates from air pollution.  It's also rich and educated.  And has cannibals eating each others flesh on live TV.  Dublin City Council spends €25,000 a month to spin that Paddy should follow the awesome examples of Vienna, Copenhagen and Amsterdam.  The honest apparatchiks in DCC do not distribute this map showing high death rates from air pollution in the EU core.


Delta NV is a large company owned by the Dutch state.  It operates potentially polluting incinerators in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany under the Indaver brand headquartered in Antwerp.   The Dutch company is building an incinerator in Meath, Ireland, approved by the patriotic Fianna Fail regime.

"... the Indaver group continued to grow its profit by a higher amount than expected. Capacity utilisation was very high at all the major processing plants. Volumes and revenues were boosted by a number of large one-off (clean-up) projects.  Operations in Belgium and the Netherlands, in particular, reported strong results."
-Delta N.V. Half-Year Report for 2011

Delta's half-year report for 2011 is economic with the truth on the specifics of the "one-off clean-up projects".


"The new sindacos, the mayors who have been appointed by AMG, the Allied Military Government of Occupied Territory, to replace the old Fascist podest├ás, are stated in the main to be members of the criminal Camorra." 1944, page 70, Naples '44. 

"According to a pentito in the 2004 DDA investigation, 50 percent of the shops in Naples alone are actually run by the Camorra." 2006, page 50, Gomorrah.

February 2, 2012

Accurate Poolbeg Incinerator Image

In contrast to the cynical and misleading helicopter-views spoon fed by DCC/RPS to RTE and The Irish Times here is an accurate visualisation of the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.   With dimensions of 200 metres long by 130 metres wide by 52 metres high it would be as big as Croke Park and totally dwarf the already massive whitish-grey power plant building to the left.  
Accurate Image of Proposed Poolbeg Incinerator: 200M x 130M x 52 metres.

(c) T. Plunkett.  Image presented by T. Plunkett to An Bord Pleanala hearing in 2007.  Accuracy validated by An Bord Pleana├íla Inspector Thornton.   

The proposed incinerator as large as Croke Park would dominate the foreshore and severely impact "the visual amenity" of Dublin Bay.  The main building would be 200 metres long by 130 metres wide, by 52 metres in height at the highest point.  The chimneys would be 100 metres high.  (Source: Page 10 of Bord Pleanala document PL29S.CH2061/ PL29S.EF2022).

So the main incinerator building would be higher than the chimneys of the grey power station to the left. 

Images designed to mislead the public about the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator have been distributed at great taxpayer expense to media in Ireland by Dublin City Council.  

Unknown insiders at DCC have paid English company RPS about €25,000 per month for regurgitated propaganda and spin (RPS).   In excess of €4 million has been exported to date just for the PR spin.  Despite the €4.5 Million total for PR it would seem the Irish people have not exactly been honestly informed about incineration.   It is very curious how this taxpayer money has been used.  

Twenty One Meetings - No Records. Poolbeg Incinerator.

February 2012.

DCC apparatchiks held twenty one secret meetings with New Jersey's Covanta. No records were kept by DCC, they say. If there are no records why has DCC spent €25,000 a month with RPS to massage the truth?  And a few million on lawyers.

Watch Prime Time's story here 
Go to 03:46 to hear about the secret meetings scam.

Ask Judge McKechnie about DCC truths.


The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
W.B. Yeats: The Second Coming

New Jersey
Sopranos Secret Meeting:  The Second Coming.

The episode begins with asbestos and waste smoking into the air in an area of scrub-land near the New Jersey Meadowlands.  A.J.becomes interested in W. B. Yeats' poem "The Second Coming" and reads it in bed. He feels deeply disillusioned with the political and materialist status quo.  He follows the advice of the Drumcondra Mafia boss and goes to the pool to attempt suicide.  

Toni appears before the SEC to explain the Covanta Curse.

Proposed Poolbeg Incinerator - TV Report


DCC has wasted €100 Million so far.   If they go ahead they will kill 100's of recycling jobs and export another €900 million to New Jersey and cause the premature ill-health and the premature deaths of an unknown number of people.

The RTE report omits possible lies told to the public by the promoters of the proposed incinerator.  (McKechnie Ruling - DCC "massage" of RPS reports).

Alternate link:

The 31 January 2012 segment from RTE Prime Time on the Poolbeg Incinerator fiasco starts just before minute 17.  It runs for about ten minutes.

Mr Pyjamas and Bambi did a no-show for Prime Time.  Perhaps Bambi is hiding out in Brighton with De Heer Professor Tol Pot and PJ is scheming how to further exploit the good name of Eejits Ireland on Clyde Road.

RPS & Burning €81 Million on Poolbeg Incinerator

RPS is a mighty fine English business working behind the scenes with apparatchiks at Dublin City Council and with Covanta, a serial lawbreaker from New Jersey.  

Imagine if the Casalesi clan  was running Dublin's waste business and Europe's largest incinerator.  In January 2012 mafia tactics were used by DCC.  Dublin's residents were made an offer they could not refuse.  After 140 years of public service accept a no-prior-notice offer within 10 days from a private offshore waste contractor selected secretly by unknown DCC insiders and pay a large up-front bundle of cash to the offshore contractor operating from a tax haven or your services will be terminated.   Breaking basic privacy and data protection considerations the immune DCC cowboys also gave private data on all of Dublin's residents to the contractor. They even authorised the offshore contractor to collect debts.  Gotta pud food on the table ...  

RPS is dining out and playing golf with the €26 million it's honestly earned so far from the distinguished engineering services it provides for DCC's time servers.  DCC has committed or wasted a further €74 million, not including the cost of lucrative pensions and public service retirement payoffs.

In December 2009 Judge McKechnie ruled that DCC used RPS reports to "massage" the truth.   That sounds like polite language to say that DCC lied to misinform the people.  It's curiously convenient that RPS reports may be used as a facade for credibility by De Drumcondra Mafia, FG's K Club and FF's Galway Tent.   At the time RPS was paid €25,000 per month to create spin for DCC.

At the public hearings on the Poolbeg Incinerator at least one "consultant" in the RPS syndicate used statistics cunningly painted with crayons to mislead the public.   While RPS was being paid €25,000 per month for spin.

RPS also legally acquired a unit of DCC 'communications' employees and made them RPS 'PR consultants'.  Recruiting public service employees is a standard trick used by Covanta (legally).   

In 2010 the Institution Of Engineers in Ireland, hiply branded as Engineers Ireland, issued a report promoting incineration.  The EI report curiously omitted to mention the pertinent fact that the author on incineration was a former incineration industry employee - whilst shouting out other CV data.   

EI's report also curiously omitted that a VP at Engineers Ireland in 2010 and EI president in 2011 is the head of the RPS-Ireland unit contracted by DCC to spin for the Poolbeg Incinerator.  RPS's team has been paid at least €26 million of taxpayers money.  So far.  

If you ask Engineers Ireland about possible conflicts of interest they refer you to their ethics policy without doing anything about answering your question.  The EI president for 2010 said he couldn't comment on the McKechnie judgement as there was a court case pending.  The financial regulator also has no comment.  

PS: Buddies Covanta routed money to Fine Gael before the 2011 general election (google: Hogan, French, K Club).



RTE reports the following (follow link for full report):

The project may be stalled but its costs are still mounting. Dublin City council has spent €81m on the project so far, it got about €4.5m back from Covanta the proposed incinerator operator but most of the spending is from the public purse. Slightly over half the money has been spent on buying land, according to council figures supplied this month to Cllr Paddy McCartan, but €29m has gone on consultants. 
A consortium of consultants led by RPS was paid a healthy €26m in fees so far. RPS say that they don’t get all of that money and that depending on the year, between 40% and 66% of the money they got for the project is passed on to sub-consultants. Under the Freedom of Information Act, however, Prime Time obtained invoices paid by Dublin City Council to RPS dating from mid 2004 to Sept 2011. Some of the spending seems quite extraordinary. In the 16 months after the site work stopped, the council paid RPS over €2.6m, even though the project appeared to be at a standstill. 
For several years the council was paying the PR wing of consultants RPS over €50,000 every two months as a “Communications Retainer.” That retainer continued to April 2011.
Even more extraordinary is that council figures show the PR spend on the project at €4.3m including a dedicated information office. And this €4.3m is separate from the communications fees paid to RPS.