September 27, 2011

Mary Kelly: Bord Pleanala Appointed Irelands Finest

Ireland's financial regulator shows the damage done to Ireland by the inbred crony cartel.  Has England's RPS covertly hijacked Engineers Ireland reputation to publish one-sided bias on incineration?  Has DCC paid ESRI to spin one-sided bias on incineration?  Are Bórd Pleanála and EPA in the same camp?  

 EPA & Bord Pleanala's "Utterly Compromised" Kelly?

In June 2011, Mary Kelly was appointed as chairman of An Bord Pleanála.   She comes from the apparently highly dysfunctional EPA which approved the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator in 2007 just a few days after Bord Pleanala, by black magic, and before the EPA Hearings in 2008!  As there is no question of brown envelopes why was this done?

Kelly was appointed under the watch of Fianna Gael's TD Hogan.  Hogan's FG is reported to have received cash from the New Jersey lawbreaker contracted by Dublin City Council for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.  This cash greatly helped FG to win control of Dáil Éireann.

Bord Pleanala (BP) already has an "ex" employee from the English consulting outfit RPS on its Board.  In 2007 the board over-ruled the BP inspector.  


The Green Party spent its years in opposition hammering the Agency, its activities, its Directors, and its Director-General, Mary Kelly.
Mary Kelly is a former Assistant Director, with responsibility for environmental policy, of the employers’ group, IBEC.  She was reappointed Director-General this year in spite of the Green Party’s opposition to the initial appointment which was said to have come following an interview process which attracted an unusually low average calibre of applicant. At the time, Trevor Sargent publicly suggested that the appointment “utterly compromised” the EPA as she was “too close to businesses”. In a telling insight into the power of the Greens in Government, it’s said that the Greens approved the reappointment because they were afraid that someone worse would otherwise be selected.

Dutch Incinerator Imports Waste from Naples Mafia

According to informed sources at the ECB, The Grand Canyon was formed from the shock of a Dutchman dropping a Guilder.

The Dutch have a reputation for being frugal. But trading health for money is just cheap.  Helping the Camorra mafia is cheap. 

Recycling is a problem in the Netherlands.  Widespread recycling means Dutch incinerators no longer have enough waste.  In Florida, financial threats from a Covanta incinerator are reported to be a threat to recycling.

Bórd Pleanála Observation - 2007.


Dutch to import and destroy refuse from Naples

A CONSORTIUM of Dutch waste disposal companies has reached outline agreement with the Italian city of Naples to remove and destroy 250,000 tonnes of refuse a year – potentially ending a waste crisis which has beset the city since 2008.
The refuse will be imported into the Netherlands and burned at the country’s 12 waste-to-energy incinerators which are currently operating at less than full capacity because the Netherlands – despite being the most densely populated country in Europe – does not generate enough waste.
Because of that shortage, the Netherlands already imports domestic and industrial waste from the UK, and has been actively pursuing an agreement with Naples because of the high volume of landfill available.
The paperwork is now expected to be signed before the end of this week.
The Dutch-Italian deal comes as opponents of a controversial €102 million incinerator planned by Dublin City Council for the Poolbeg peninsula, near Sandymount, argue that Dublin does not generate anything near the 600,000 tonnes of rubbish a year needed to make the facility viable.
In the Netherlands, however, waste disposal companies have been trawling for refuse from other European countries in an effort to improve the efficiency of the waste-to-energy plants.
“That’s why we regard this deal as the perfect win-win situation”, says Dick Hoogendorn, managing director of the Dutch waste management association, Vereniging Afvalbedrijven, which negotiated the deal.
“It works for everyone: we hope to solve the refuse problem which has been a big embarrassment and health hazard for Naples for several years – and at the same time we will be generating energy for the Netherlands.”
Despite those benefits, Dr Bendiks Jan Boersma, professor of energy technology at the Technical University of Delft, says the regular transfer of so much mixed waste does inevitably raise legitimate environment and health concerns.
“When you transport so much waste from Italy to the Netherlands you bring with it all sorts of other undesirable things, such as trace elements, heavy metals, perhaps cadmium and mercury.
“The fact is that those substances remain here.”
The refuse crisis in Naples came to international attention in January 2008 after municipal workers refused to make domestic collections because the city’s landfill sites were full to overflowing.
At one point it was estimated there were as many as 200,000 tonnes of refuse piling up on the streets.
As health concerns grew, the government of Romano Prodi called the army in to clear the refuse using bulldozers, a move which prompted angry protesters to clash with police in the city centre.
At the time it was suggested that the Camorra – the local equivalent of the Mafia – was causing at least part of the problem because it had become involved in the lucrative waste-management business and frequently dumped hazardous waste illegally.

Dutch Ports Import 250,000 Tonnes of Waste To Feed Incinerators

"The Dutch no longer produce enough garbage to keep their 12 waste power plants operating at full capacity. The Netherlands is already importing waste from the United Kingdom, and soon a quarter of a million tonnes of Italian rubbish will sail into Dutch ports every year."


The port is why Berty's Drumcondra Mafia choose Poolbeg for their proposed incinerator.   

Dutch To Breath In Mafia's Waste (Poolbeg Incinerator)

Dutch MP Henk van Gerven says:

“If we in the Netherlands have to incinerate less waste as a result of recycling then we should be pleased about this.
It means, after all, that the incinerators can be closed down and the air cleaned up. Carting waste to the Netherlands in order to aid the mafia is hardly sensible.
I don’t think that the Dutch people will be happy breathing in the fumes from the Mafia’s rubbish. Let’s put a stop to this nonsense."

Highly efficient recycling means there is no longer enough waste for Dutch incinerators.

The machines must be fed.
Who ya gonna call?  Lawbreaker Covanta in New Jersey?  Toni Soprano?  Toni Orlando?  The Mafia?  The Camorrah?

According to Dutch paper Het Parool about eighteen thousand (18,000) people die prematurely each year in the Netherlands from air pollution.   Amsterdam's premature death rate exceeds the national average by one thousand deaths per year.  It is claimed in the newspaper that nobody knows why.  Even Tol Pot at a Dublin 'research' institute funded by the incinerator's promoters denies proof of a link.  

A massive incinerator fired up in the 90's to the west of Amsterdam.  Go figure.

Cheap Dutch Solution: 

  • Help out the Camorra mafia in Naples.  
  • Pollute Dutch air.  
  • Damage health.  
  • Kill Dutch people prematurely.  
  • Make tax payers pay for massive health care damages.   


August 15th, 2011 •

SP Member of [Dutch] Parliament Henk van Gerven is urging the government to reject plans for the import of waste from Naples for processing by Dutch firms. The waste processing companies want to bring some of the rubbish piling up in the Italian city to the Netherlands for incineration.

‘Carting waste around is always unnecessary,’ says Van Gerven, ‘but it is particularly bad if by doing so we are going to the aid of the Italian mafia.

Henk van GervenIt is the fault of the Mafia that the mountain of rubbish in Naples has grown so much over the last few years. Organised crime makes a great deal of money by standing in the way of the construction of effective waste processing and via illegal dumping. “The local population is not helped by this sort of solution,” says Van Gerven. “If we take the problem on, the mafia will be able to continue happily on their way, carrying on frustrating processing and dumping the waste.”

Dutch incineration plants have, on paper, an overcapacity which means that they are interested in the Italian waste. During the last ten years numerous incinerators have been built, despite the fact that it has long been clear that demand in the Netherlands itself was getting smaller. “Low-cost incineration of waste is not a sustainable solution to the problem,” Van Gerven insists.

“If we in the Netherlands have to incinerate less waste as a result of recycling then we should be pleased about this. It means, after all, that the incinerators can be closed down and the air cleaned up. Carting waste to the Netherlands in order to aid the mafia is hardly sensible. I don’t think that the Dutch people will be happy breathing in the fumes from the Mafia’s rubbish. Let’s put a stop to this nonsense.

September 7, 2011

Mayo Mafia & Poolbeg Incinerator

How will the De Bert's Drumcondra Mafia put food on the table now the Mayo Mafia has moved into the pale to grab the earners?
"It is not so long since Fine Gael deputies and senators were tripping over themselves as they lined up to shriek with indignation at the 'outrageous' and 'inappropriate' GalwayTent".
Arthur French from Mayo is on the board of Knock Airport, has played golf with Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan and is believed to have been engaged by Covanta to ensure that hurdles facing its Poolbeg project were overcome, according to Irish Times sources.  French Estates has sponsored fourballs at Fianna Gael fundraisers.  Hogan is rewriting the law.  Covanta now stands ready to export €900 million to a bank in Luxembourg.

An e-mail query to Minister Hogan asking if he had any dealings with Mr French in relation to the Poolbeg incinerator project and if he could confirm that Mr French was a friend of his and was also a fundraiser for Fine Gael went unanswered.


How does a Mayo Man silence three hard battling councilwomen imported from beyond the Pale into Dublin South East who don't like him and who could hit him on the head with the Poolbeg Incinerator?  

  • Give the Depitty Lord Mayor photo-op-job to Labour's female councillor for Dublin South-East.  
  • Appoint one former female Mayo councillor in Dublin South-East to a high-pension "Minister" job and 
  • Appoint the second former female Mayo councillor for Dublin South-East to a good-enough-pension job in the esteemed Irish Senate.   

Then you are free to lie about FG commitments on Roscommon Hospitals and  free to lie about FG commitments to stop the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator and be sure not to do it under oath. And free to spend money from corporations who play golf as good as Biffo and Seanie and Fingers.

Former Councillor Creighton is an expert on cute wee hoors in Fine Gael.  And on Fianna Gael hypocrisy.

Knock airport also has a different Noone on the same board as Mr French.  Any connections?

A word about golf.

Covanta Dioxins 250 Times Above Safety. [Connecticut. 2011]

Having been moved to another parish, TD Hogan's sneering Sarah Carey won't be reporting this.  Neither will DCC funded Professor Tol Pot of ESRI who is too busy promoting incineration and censoring comments on the Irish Economy blog. 
US Scientists say there is no safe level for dioxins.  Nevertheless politicians set a convenient "safety level" totally independently of industry money and golfing events. 

Covanta has a 25 year record of violating air pollution laws.  Below is a recent report about reckless Covanta dioxins releases in Connecticut.    Click here for a report from 2010.

Guess what these cowboys will do to the health of the one million people around Dublin Bay.






No, Seriously, Why Did A New Jersey-Based Waste Company Employ Phil Hogan’s Golf Buddy?



You may have missed, as we did, this story last Thursday.

Arthur French (above), property developer, auctioneer and a former second row (at a guess) and an advisor to Covanta Energy, the American company wishing to build an inicinerator in Poolbeg.

What does Arthur know about garbage?
 Who knows but he is a friend of Environment minister Phil Hogan. Another golfing pal. They once played with Tiger Woods and Mary McAleese’s husband in a four-ball sponsored by Arthur’s company, French Estates.

Anyway, on July 8 (the last day of the Dail term), Phil dropped a levy on incineration [that had been] proposed by John Gormley.

It was among a number of demands being sought by Covanta.

Everyone denies everything.

Bada bing, as they say in the New Jersey municipal waste industry.  And that’s that.

September 6, 2011

Labour's Parody Is The Big Lie?

“I am driven by the need to help people” 
- Labour's Newsfour August Edition Quoting Cllr Parodi "without a hint" of parody.

However isn't suppressing a truthful image of the Poolbeg Incinerator itself a parody?  

But what is a Parody?  Is a Parodi a Big Lie?  Or is a parody a Big Lie?  Or did Cllr Parodi just follow orders from the men?

Once upon a time at a 2010  Poolbeg Incinerator meeting in Ringsend Community Centre an Irish Labour Party councillor requested an accurate image of the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator supposedly to help the cause.    All to educate the population, countering the cynically lying images published by faceless Dublin City Council time-servers, the one-time friends of De Bert.  The false incinerator images from DCC are lapped up by lazy churnalists at RTE and in the newspapers.   This is part of DCC/RPS's €35 million campaign of Big Lies.  Judge McKechnie strongly condemned DCC's misleading use of materiel manufactured by RPS, the spin-bill for which now exceeds €35 million of taxpayer money.

Months after the Ringsend Community Centre meeting and waiting for Labour to use its massive city-wide resources it seemed nothing was happening.   Meanwhile Labour's honourable TD's and Councillors delivered tree-loads of expensive fully photoshopped colour flyers to each and every house in the wards before the election, during the election and now after the election.   Shiny teeth everywhere, American politicial science.  Mention of the incinerator was obvious by its more or less total omission.  Blind three legged dogs, missing a tail, answering to the name Lucky, got higher priority from the ward-heelers.   Curiously, once enthusiastic Cllr Parodi refused multiple opportunities to explore why she did not proceed as she indicated she would, to educate her constituents on the visual vandalism the proposed incinerator will do to Dublin Bay.  

There was the smell of a cute wee hoor about, a smell you can not photoshop away.

Why were the people of  Ringsend apparently parodied? 

  • Did the older men in Labour allow the councillor with the the "killer high heels" to "play golf" with Covanta to match the millions raised by Fine Gael's golf-pro and now environment minister Hogan?
  • Who besides then TD and now Minister Quinn did Covanta meet with before the election?  And why?  
  • How about, I am driven by the need to help people ... to suppress educating the electorate about the Poolbeg Incinerator?
  • Any chance of de Deppitty Lord Mayor t'ing?

Nobody knows for shure, for shure.  It's all speculation.  Draw the dots yourself.   Interrogate Echelon.  Ask the dogs in the street.

But perhaps you should just ask Cllr Parodi who is now Dublin’s newly elected Depitty Mayor Parodi, a fiefdom where Labour councillors control the majority of votes (Dublin mayors are not elected by citizens).  You might not get an answer, a Florida International University best practice.   (Cllr Parodi uses Newsfour to say she graduated from FIU.  FIU is ranked #247 by guidance counselors from America's best high schools.  FIU Political Science Dept failed to be ranked).

Only for fun ask about Cllr Parodi's now politically correct "killer high heels"and "tiny frame" as highlighted in Labour's Newsfour freesheet funded by corrupt FÁS.  Read the Capital Gain article.  Then ask about Capitalist Tools.  

For light entertainment ask about Covanta violations, the New Jersey mob's revenue sources,  and Italian-Americans, and continuous dioxin pollution from Covanta incinerators in New Jersey and in Connecticut.  Watch Gomorrah.

Jobs Lies
Covanta, with an unlawful record of continuous dioxin violations cheaply paid off, and DCC are taking advantage of the Fianna-Gael Foreign Bank Bailout by using Jobs to try TO divert attention from the proposed incinerator.  Large taxpayer funded pensions loom for the honourable TDs and Ministers, no matter how many hospital beds are closed.     

Perhaps if there is any money left in Ireland after exporting €900 million to Covanta-Luxembourg the hospitals will  create loads of Jobs to treat people with diseases caused by dioxin air pollution violations.   Financed from the offshore bank account in Luxembourg where Covanta will stash the €900 million safely out of reach of Uncle Sam's 45% corporate tax rate.

Cllr Parodi is cynically on-board with the Jobs Big Lie in Newsfour - no mention of the 400 fired when the IGB glass recycling factory in Ringsend was terminated by friends of Fianna-Gael.


Covanta Agent Sarah Carey - Poolbeg Incinerator

 Sarah Carey In The Big Lie Campaign

If incineration is beneficial why do the promoters spend millions on a Big Lie campaign? 

 Sarah Carey, a fired Irish churnalist, now seems to be working to Covanta's agenda.   With zero domain expertise she popped up out of her blue-shirt to support incineration on an ESRI blog, a blog with a history of "spinning" for the Poolbeg Incinerator.   Comments on that blog, including observations directly sourced from Irish newspaper articles about Sarah Carey were censored after censorship was denied.  

Covanta admitted it has agents in Ireland but declined to name them. Covanta has a 20 year record of fines for breaking US pollution law. Unelected and unseen officials at DCC have funded the ESRI to spin for the Poolbeg Incinerator. 

Sarah Carey & The Actual Lie
Sarah Carey is directly linked to Phil Hogan, Ireland's Environment Minister.  Mr Hogan is currently rewriting Irish law following Covanta's reported funding of Fine Gael in 2010 before the general election.  By happy coincidence the rewrite facilitates Covanta.
  Sarah Carey admitted lying to a judge at Ireland's mobile phone licensing tribunal.   She claims it was not perjury as she was not under oath.   The Irish Times fired her, eventually.  She's now on Newstalk, an Irish radio station funded by the billionaire who by another happy coincidence won the mobile phone licence being investigated by the tribunal.  And she's been at the pulpit on TV3 with Hogan. 

Carey ended up "in the car park of the Four Courts with a senior counsel telling me that by denying the leak I had obstructed the tribunal, which was a criminal offence and that I could be jailed".

Obviously the bishops running Ireland approve Carey being moved from The Irish Times to her new parish.



Toni's Con Vantages book on the NJ waste industry is being written at Bada Bing.

Carey, Hogan & "Golf"

BIFFO played golf with Seanie.  Fine Gael can besht that.

9th October, 1995,Dear Phil [HOGAN]
Please find enclosed a draft for the Golf on the 16th.
I understand Denis has requested that there are no references made to his contribution at the event.
Best of Luck on the day!
I’ll give you a call soon
Yours sincerely
Sarah Carey
Marketing Co-ordinator. (ESAT Mobile Phone Co.].

Phil Hogan At Mobile Phone Tribunal

Mr Hogan is currently rewriting Irish law which by happy coincidence facilitates Covanta.