May 21, 2009

Green-FF Incinerator Cuts Pension Costs.

Save On Your Pension Contributions.

You can now bargain with the banks for a lower cost pension plan, thanks to Green-FF.

Just vote Green-FF for the Poolbeg Waste-to-Toxins Incinerator so you can worry less about your pension - the incinerator will shorten your pension and your kids' lives by up to two years. Mr Dick Roach more or less confirmed that by dismissing a 2007 Dail question from a Dublin TD. Even experts agree.

NAMA To Rescue Uneconomic Incinerator?

Perhap's Ireland's National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) can pitch in some of our €90,000,000,000 to help out Covanta, along with the €450 Million NAMA will burn to rescue the IGB speculators down the road in Poolbeg.

Green-FF states the incinerator is now uneconomic - as promised by John The Traitor Gormley. So no doubt Green-FF will next claim NAMA must save the 'uneconomic' waste-to-toxins incinerator. Fair is fair.

May 20, 2009

Green-FF Desperate Untruths on Incinerator?

Green-FF looks right, looks desperate.

There are Local and European elections coming up in June 2009. Did the Green Party publish a truth behind a lie behind the untruth behind a mistake behind the spin?

On Sunday, May 17, 2009, the Green-FF's leafleted houses with the spin that the Poolbeg incinerator would "collapse" because Covanta could not get finance.

However on Monday, MAY 18, 2009, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported Covanta was selling at least $300 million in 5-year cash-convertible notes to private entities for incinerator construction in Dublin.

The WSJ states:

"Covanta said proceeds from the offering, which will be private, could be used for items including plant construction in Dublin along with potential investments or acquisitions."

Green-FF omitted this Covanta statement from The Sunday Tribune of May 17, 2009:

A statement issued to The Sunday Business Post on behalf of Covanta Europe president Scott Whitney said the company was

‘‘in the final stages of pre-construction activity, the financing to construct the facility is available and we expect to commence construction when the remaining statutory approvals have been received’’.

Green-FF also omitted this Dublin City Council statement from The Sunday Tribune:

Seamus Lyons, Dublin Assistant City Manager, who heads the council’s environmental and engineering department, said that Dublin City Council was ‘‘satisfied that Covanta has finance in place’’.

Tiny Air Pollution Particles Cause Cancer

Kerry E. Grace, Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-5089;

May 17, 2009

EU Wonders Were Poolbeg Incinerator Hearings a Sham?

The Green-FF government does not care the Poolbeg Incinerator hearings were a political sham - they themselves and their €200,000 pensions come first. To divert the public during the elections perhaps it'd be a great idea to issue a report on 60 years of child abuse wherein the judiciary allegedly frustrated police investigations and the Pope threatened President Bertie (Parish of Boston-not-Berlin, says hello).

Guess why Ireland is ranked worse than China and Ghana for legal corruption by the World Bank. Is Poolbeg a good location to research legal corruption?

The Poolbeg Incinerator Hearings at Board Pleanala and at EPA-Ireland were apparently decided by unseen politicians above the heads of the professionals in those organisations. The boards appear to be loaded with either incinerator-industry-insiders or political-crony appointees. A fewyears ago John Gormley condemned EPA's director but now he's in charge he has done nothing about her.

Good science and the public good appear to have been ignored by the bosses of the regulators. Political cronyism at the banks, the alleged financial regulators and the building-industry have near-bankrupted the economy. Political cronyism operating on or in the other alleged regulators, EPA and Bord Pleanala, combined with an offshore-based waste-to-toxins incineration industry may shorten lives by up to two years across Dublin.

In the following diplomatic language the EU Commission seems to say the Poolbeg Incinerator Hearings were a sham:

‘Because of weaknesses in Irish legislation
splitting decision-making between planning authorities
and the
Environmental Protection Agency,
there are risks that outcomes required by the
EU directive will not always be achieved.’

With elections coming up Green-FF is spinning that the offshore operators have no money. Covanta-Poolbeg is based in Luxembourg. There are lots of offshored-banks in Luxembourg, almost nothing else. And Covanta has lots of money.


EU takes legal action over planned Poolbeg incinerator (19/3/09)

March 19, 2009

The proposed waste incinerator at Poolbeg is the subject of fresh controversy this week after it emerged that the EU has lodged legal proceedings against the Irish government over its handling of incinerator projects. EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas has confirmed that Ireland was referred to the European Court of Justice in the last few weeks after it failed to respond to a final warning over alleged breaches of EU law. A statement issued by the Commission highlights concerns that all the environmental implications of the Poolbeg plant may not have been considered before it was approved in 2007. It reads, ‘Because of weaknesses in Irish legislation splitting decision-making between planning authorities and the Environmental Protection Agency, there are risks that outcomes required by the EU directive will not always be achieved.’

It’s the latest in a saga of legal controversy dogging the planned €266 thermal treatment facility, which has nonetheless managed to secure a licence to burn 600,000 tonnes of household waste a year. But this international case could be particularly embarrassing for Environment Minister John Gormley, who has previously been vocal in his opposition to Poolbeg. The Minister has come under fire from Dublin MEP Proinsias De Rossa for failing to respond to the EU’s written warning earlier. ‘This is yet another unnecessary, costly legal battle; it’s a sad state of affairs that Europe should have to take legal action against a Green Party Minister to ensure that all the implications of incineration are considered,’ he said.

May 12, 2009

DDDA's Cynical Usage of Social Housing?

In a real democracy social housing is administered by a fully professional civil service.

So why is the Dublin Developer's Autocracy (DDDA) deciding who gets social housing in Dublin?

There could be a perception, however unfair, that Councillors exployed by DDDA could swap votes for influencing decisions on who gets an allegedly market-discounted house in 'The Docklands'.

Such a scheme, administered by acknowledged political-appointees, could also allow building speculators to offload unsold flats at taxpayer expense. Either way it costs private purchasers by keeping prices higher than otherwise for free and fair market transactions. (Anglo-Irish Bank, a DDDA partner, knows a lot about influencing free and fair stock-market transactions).

There are elections in Dublin in June 2009. By pure coincidence, on May 8, 2009, DDDA forced 60 people to line up overnight outside their offices in a PR stunt for a 'limited' supply of social flats. Isn't DDDA's newest Green-FF chairman a Galway Tent Governance Expert?


By 1854, Tammany's lineage and support from immigrants had made it a powerful force in New York politics. Tammany controlled businesses, politics and sometimes law enforcement. Businesses would give gifts to their workers and, in exchange, tell the workers to vote for the politicians that were supported by Tammany (usually a straight Democratic ticket).

May 4, 2009

NAMA's Fair But Tough Formula

NAMA's fair but tough formula for calculating property taxes on private houses and flats from 2010. These new taxes will bail out Ponzi Scheme sites in Poolbeg and elsewhere.

An = Number of pints of Beamish consumed
S = Smokiness of the Galway Tent [where 0 is clear air, 10 extremely smoky)
L = Luminance of 'patriotic property investor' (candelas per square metre)
Vo = Snellen financial acuity (6/6 normal; 6/12 just meets Green-FF standard)
d = Distance from Galway Tent (metres; 0.5 to 3 metres)
B = Known unknown

€450 Million in Property Taxes From 2010.

May 1, 2009

NAMA Gearing Up For Irish Glass Bottle Ringsend Scam?

In September 2008 the patriotic Galway Tent Cartel ordered Mr BIFFO not to liquidate Anglo-Irish Bank nor any of the rest of the Cartel.

The Cartel even told Mr BIFFO how to spell systemic and billion but did not explain the big words. After Mr BIFFO recolonised Irish taxpayers with the €490 Billion commitment he was given his customary bag of chips.

The Tribune reports Anglo-Irish Bank is doing some more financial stunts concerning the Glass Bottle Site in Ringsend. Isn't this in order to finesse selling the hole in the ground to the taxpayers using the NAMA scam.

Next some spiel about "bankrupt-developers" being forced to sell their trophy houses and their trophy wives will be printed by The Irish Times in order to fob-off the mortgaged masses. The Traitor Gormley might even do a jobs announcement - omitting any mention of the firing of the 300 IGB recycling-workers, facilitated by the DDDA-Anglo-Irish patriots.

Without the help of Mr. Gormley's DDDA Planners Autocracy the IGB site's current and foreseeable value is zero. The DDDA Planners Autocracy is in the final stages of a Sham Poolbeg Scheme process which will end up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions, killing jobs, shutting schools and hospitals. DDDA's buddies in Dublin City Council, including €75K payoff councillors, will send many more people to hospital once the iconic Poolbeg Incinerator - "Europe's Largest" - fires up its uncontrollable toxic particle generators (PM 2.5's, PM1.0's).

NAMA's sponsors like to confuse taxpayers by using big opaque numbers such as the ninety billion euro they plan to scam from taxpayers 'to save the economy'. That's €60,000 of extra taxes per worker (2011 full-time headcount equivalent). Such money would be better invested in high value intellectual property.

Its more useful to look at an example of just one site buried inside that €90 Billion zombie banking number. According to honest DDDA-Anglo-Irish-Bank the Glass Bottle hole-in-the-ground speculation has an alleged book value of €450 million. The site's real value is between zero and €45 million at most. However when the DDDA Autocracy hands out the planning permission for the future-slum to its co-conspirators, sorry co-investors, the Autocracy will declare the site's value is €299 million.

This means the honest NAMA gentlemen can diddle the taxpayers by paying 'a robust 66.6%' or 'only' €199 million of taxpayer's cash for the site. The false book-keeping balance of €251 million is also diddled from the taxpayers in the "systemic Anglo-Irish Bank" scam of September 2008.

The Galway Tent Cartel can easily use the national database of phone calls, emails and IP addresses to plot all relationships used by Irish TDs. Using this and more subtle methods the Galway Tent Cartel is in a positon to order all the main political parties to be fully on-board with DDDA's Patriotic Poolbeg Scheming, going forward. Including The Traitor Gormley.

None of the political 'elite' have provided a more realistic scenario than that outlined above. This is very curious.

PS: There is little validity in the childish rumour that the NAMA was first going to be named the Bonzo McNamara Bank. Just plain NAMA is more subtle - after all patriotic NAMA has not been set up to rescue 'developers'.