November 1, 2011

Chariot at Dodder Dam Crime Scene

Lads.  Is me pension safe?  Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow. 

Who owns this literally-exclusive €110,000 Chariot parked on the Dodder pathway upstream of Irish Rail's DART dam on the Dodder?  Beside the "Crime Scene" Garda tape being misused to prevent the public being fully informed.

Chariot at Irish Rails Dodder Dam.

The total area was sealed off by Garda Crime Scene tape to exclude the plebs.  Of course its not a cover up. Where's your evidence?

A safety zone of 50 metres would suffice especially as Irish Rail's beavers had already cleared the dam. "Crime Scene" or cover up?


After Flood - Damming Evidence - Dam Struts.

Irish Rail: 'It Was Three Trees What Damaged The Bridge'.

Dodder View Cottages Perspective on DART Dam.

Images used here with permission of copyright owner.