December 2, 2011

Bishop Hogan Moves Problem Between Parishes.

It seems NAMA has effectively paid €29 million to 'massage' DDDA's books.

Bishop Hogan of the Environment Department is the boss of DDDA, Dublin's Dodgy Developers Autocracy. Hidden by the budget's Bad News Day it's just been arranged for a little liability of €29 million to be moved from DDDA's parish to NAMA's parish. Freedom Of Information requests are not available on NAMA scams, making the Bishop of Rome jealous.

Who is being protected by this dodge?  Is this cooking of the books being done to prevent robust investigations into the crony-cartel at DDDA and at Anglo-Irish Bank and their drug suppliers across the European banking system?  

Maybe the developers who funded Fianna-Gael at The K Club golfing tent can answer.

This NAMA-DDDA caper looks and smells like the stock market manipulations in which Irish Life allegedly used Seven Billion Euro ($10 Billion) to cook Anglo-Irish Bank's books and it also looks and smells like the  €3 billion inundisclosed transactions used by a Fermanagh businessman to secretly maneuver the share price of Anglo-Irish Bank.  Such activity is illegal outside Ireland where the 'perps' are rapidly jailed.   

By giving €29 million of your money to cooks DDDA's books has the NAMA outfit now joined the crony-cartel in the €500 Million Irish Glass Bottle scam?  And only 3 years after the -developer-entrepreneurs left on the noon-stage to Lausanne, London and Dubai.  The IGB site is a 24 acre polluted hole in the ground sinking into the former and illegal City Dump.  In September 2008 Lendahand and Thick Lips landed taxpayers with the €500 Million bill for the IGB scams.  Total scams in Poolbeg have cost taxpayers €950 million.

NAMA has paid €29 million to effectively massage DDDA's books.  The secret deal swaps DDDA liabilities at the Irish Glass Bottle site for nine building sites of unknown value in a property market rigged by NAMA.  

By firing its employees and by moving offices across the Liffey it would be a tragedy if DDDA got its files mixed up or even lost.  



NAMA Winelake has a good overview on this DDDA-NAMA scam.  The passive Irish media has the usual churnalism.