November 29, 2010

Who Stole The Peoples's Money? Do Tell. N.Y.Times. 'TWAS HIM.

Irish Taxpayers  Forced To Bail Out British & German Banks.

The D-Mark was efficiently managed by the Bundesbank from Frankfurt.  The successor paper-money, the Euro, was supposed to have been managed by the EU's Central Bank from its ivory tower in Frankfurt.  The current EU Central bank's boss is a Frenchman named Trichet.  His predecessor was Dutch.   What exactly were they and the EU's Central Bank doing when British, German and other banks pumped about €400 Billion into Ireland in the property pyramid scheme of 1998 to 2010?  

Why did the EU Central Bank not manage the Euro currency?

Who Stole The Peoples's Money?  Do Tell. N.Y.Times.  'TWAS HIM.
[Tammany Hall Cartoon in New York Times.  Circa 1890s]

Who Stole The Peoples's Money? Was it the EU Central Bank?

September 2008: Bertie, BIFFO and Comical Leni gave digouts to Seanie and Fingers by gauranteeing their dodgy "banks."  Comical Leni renewed the crony-gaurantee in September 2010 and also reportedly gave €50 Billion to unnamed bondholders. The EU Central Bank in Frankfurt sat idly by.
Having 'survived' Russia's Aluminum Wars where 55 managers were murdered did oligarch Abramovich have a kind word with Bertie and Biffo and Leni?  It's reported Abramovich earned 16% interest on a €1 billon bond he bought from the casino-bank run by Fingers.  Putin's buddy insists on getting his whole billion back.


An earlier blog posting on a smaller bailout executed by the same dodgy Fianna-fail crony-cartel:

September 21, 2009

Bankrupt Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy Bails out Bankrupt Developer ZOE

Bankrupt Bails Out Bankrupt With Taxpayer Cash?