November 29, 2010

Who Stole The Peoples's Money? Do Tell. N.Y.Times. 'TWAS HIM.

Irish Taxpayers  Forced To Bail Out British & German Banks.

The D-Mark was efficiently managed by the Bundesbank from Frankfurt.  The successor paper-money, the Euro, was supposed to have been managed by the EU's Central Bank from its ivory tower in Frankfurt.  The current EU Central bank's boss is a Frenchman named Trichet.  His predecessor was Dutch.   What exactly were they and the EU's Central Bank doing when British, German and other banks pumped about €400 Billion into Ireland in the property pyramid scheme of 1998 to 2010?  

Why did the EU Central Bank not manage the Euro currency?

Who Stole The Peoples's Money?  Do Tell. N.Y.Times.  'TWAS HIM.
[Tammany Hall Cartoon in New York Times.  Circa 1890s]

Who Stole The Peoples's Money? Was it the EU Central Bank?

September 2008: Bertie, BIFFO and Comical Leni gave digouts to Seanie and Fingers by gauranteeing their dodgy "banks."  Comical Leni renewed the crony-gaurantee in September 2010 and also reportedly gave €50 Billion to unnamed bondholders. The EU Central Bank in Frankfurt sat idly by.
Having 'survived' Russia's Aluminum Wars where 55 managers were murdered did oligarch Abramovich have a kind word with Bertie and Biffo and Leni?  It's reported Abramovich earned 16% interest on a €1 billon bond he bought from the casino-bank run by Fingers.  Putin's buddy insists on getting his whole billion back.


An earlier blog posting on a smaller bailout executed by the same dodgy Fianna-fail crony-cartel:

September 21, 2009

Bankrupt Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy Bails out Bankrupt Developer ZOE

Bankrupt Bails Out Bankrupt With Taxpayer Cash?

October 25, 2010

Jump Paddy Jump. US StiFFs Ireland -Poolbeg Incinerator

US Strongarms Little Ireland on Poolbeg Incinerator. 

New Jersey hopes to Grab €950 Million of Irish Taxpayers Money.

Covanta's service worker from the US Embassy has ordered TD Gormley  to build the Poolbeg Incinerator. 

Jump Paddy Jump!

Me name is John.
Jump Paddy Jump!!
Yissir Massa.

Service worker US Ambassador Rooney notified Gormley and BIFFO of some interesting photos in Covanta's files and did not mention the DIA boys will release some more embarrassing facts on the maffia if Paddy is slow to jump.

Covanta's service worker is a Republican Party millionaire who doles out cash-money to buy "influence".   After paying his dues to Obama the Pittsburg Stealer was offshored to his retirement home, Ireland.

DCC's lawyer-for-incineration also held a fund raiser for Obama - in his Dublin house at about the same time as the Bord Pleanala Oral Hearings facade on Poolbeg.

Mr Rooney, US Ambassador and Bush colleague, doles out crumbs to Irish peasants allowing him to trade on his esteemed contributions to Irish society.  However working as Covanta's contract-enforcer reveals his true colours.

The waste-to-toxins-industrial-complex is linked to the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator via  the dots which may or may not connect honourable Bartholemew Ahern to MKC, to the Irish media and to lawbreaker Covanta.  A similar but differently connected cabal bankrupted Ireland.  Covanta is honourably firewalled from any misguided perceptions of direct connections to dodgy Manchester business men and winnings on horses and the Galway Tent.  MKC acts most honourably and covertly for Covanta in Ireland.

MKC's SOB has strong connections to RTE, to the Irish Times and to the Irish Independent (see charts BELOW based on Village Magazine).

In October 2010, Covanta or MKC or other known unknowns brought hacks from the MKC cartel on a "business trip" to Copenhagen.   Immediately on their return to bankrupt Ireland the busy hacks regurgitated Big Lies in the Irish Independent and on radio.  An ESRI service worker funded with in excess of €100,000 by incinerator promoters DCC and billed as an independent 'professor' supported the hack on the radio.  

After re-typing the press releases from Covanta/RPS/MKC/ESRI/DCC the hacks finally were given front-page space to report the Covanta service worker issuing USA orders to Gormley.





October 15, 2010

"Incineration is perfectly safe" - Covanta Big Lie

 Covanta's Mad Men

So the Danes are world-class environmentalists?  Until recently Denmark has allowed pollution from modern cigarettes.  So whats the problem with unmonitored pollution from incineration?

In Croke Park at the Bord Pleanála hearing a Danish representative of DONG told a bare faced lie: he said an incinerator "only emits steam".  Danish honesty.

Covanta took a bunch of Irish journalists on a trip to Copenhagen in October 2010.   Sure whats a release between friends, or a Covanta press release for that matter.  DDDA and Anglo-Irish Bank did the same.  And to optimise the hacks valuable time MKC provided the journos with awesome Covanta press releases on the benefits of incineration.

Bada Bing Copenhagen.  
Details of what the hacks did on the trip have not been published as those releases in the live-booths would embarrass their mammies.

You can’t skimp on milk and bread, but you can save on porn during times of crisis.

These esteemed hacks and people of science returned to Ireland to immediately regurgitate the Covanta spin. 

Newstalk is owned by a tax-exiled Irish billionaire who made his money inside Ireland in Irish mobile phones, now the subject of a €200 million and 12 year investigation.  The same billionaire has a major share, with a bank, in The Irish Independent.

Here are some absurd Big Lies from the Irish Independent hack on Newstalk radio on October  14, 2010.

  • Big Lies For Covanta:  "Incinerators are perfectly safe"
  • Big Lies For Covanta:  "All the waste is converted into heat or energy. "  

"Incinerators are perfectly safe" is a simplistic rendering of the refined Big Lie issued in The Irish Times by PJ Rudden, VP at Engineers Ireland, covert and hijacked incineration promoters.  PJ is the Wasters Director at RPS - paid €25 million by DCC to promote incineration.

Its likely this Big Lie is fed by Covanta's Mad Men at MKC who have strong connections to Berty, to RTE, to The Irish Independent and to The Irish Times and to much of the tribe-first cabal selling Ireland to Russian Oligarchs and bringing back-of-the-bus healthcare to Ireland from the rich world's worst health care system, the USA.  

The Irish Indo hack was joined on Newstalk by a "professor" from the ESRI, an alleged expert who did not take the available opportunity to correct the sober journalists errors.  A real professor would correct the hacks nonsense.  No doubt both have been provided with talking points from Covanta's propaganda team in Ireland, MKC.  Spin also rabbited recently by the workers TD Quinn on Newstalk. What did the workers TD Quinn do about the fired 400 workers at IGB when his brother "speculated" by buying the toxic site?  TD Quins parks a workers Skoda out front to hide the sun tan.

The Dutch alleged expert and toll on taxpayers revealed his true Dutch roots by claiming incineration was "cheap", a Dutch obsession.  His blog features the subtle distribution of Big Lies amongst the chancers psuedo-science of economics.

Covanta "hires" similar public employees in the USA after they have been of some service.  Could a professor retire to a cushy number at Covanta? 

ESRI is funded by the unelected incineration team at DCC,  pension lifers, all closely connected to the Drumcondra Mafia.  Also not mentioned on Newstalk (no podcast).

Patriots of De Poolbeg Incinerator Cabal

Censored Poolbeg Incinerator Contract

On September 4, 2007, Dublin City Council's City manager and Village Idiot did a deal in a cupboard with Covanta before Bord Pleanala or EPA formally rubber stamped the The Drumcondra Mafia's instructions.  This was far sighted for the tribe-first-regime whose Finance Minister did not have a bank account for his winnings on the races in Manchester.

More than three years later a censored version of the contract for the proposed incinerator has been published supposedly for use by Dublin Councillors.  The meaningful financial data has been censored to facilitate the transfer of €950 million from bankrupt Ireland to New Jersey.

The contract is here  

Or here at this URL:

October 14, 2010

Poolbeg Incinerator & Berties Cronies

MKC seems to link Bertie and his Beamish Men to the Poolbeg Incinerator:
  • Bertie, 
  • RTE, 
  • Irish Times, 
  • Irish Independent, 
  • Irish Press (defunct; FF rag; cheated Irish-American investors), 
  • Covanta, 
  • Bank of Ireland, 
  • Dublin City Council (via MKC Client Covanta), 
  • Engineers Ireland, 
  • RPS (via MKC Client Engineers Ireland, and DCC. Add Bord Pleanala), 
  • Fine Gael, 
  • PDs (Harney)
  • US Ambassador via MKC Client US Chamber of Commerce.

The following images based on Village magazine may need to printed or viewed on a large screen.  Read Village Magazine for a backgrounder.


Sources: Village Magazine, October 2010.


The Poolbeg Incinerator cabal seems to be of the same culture of inbred cronyism which bankrupted Ireland through Anglo-Irish Bank and the DDDA.    Abramovich from the Aluminum Wars of 100 murders wants his money back.  The Drumcondra Mafia is trembling.  Is that why fearless FF is pulling the Anglo-Irish-Bank con on the Irish people to the tune of €90,000 per family?

October 11, 2010

Fine Gael Traitorship on Poolbeg Incinerator

TD Creighton along with fellow Punch & Judy colleagues Gormley, Andrews and Quinn have published many expensive flyers in Sandymount & Ringsend at taxpayer expense.  

So why has TD Creighton not informed the people of Sandymount & Ringsend about MKC or even about the following?

It seems the director of communications at FG is directly connected to Berty's storm troopers at MKC, implementers of A Chara Goebbels Big Lies on incineration in Dublin Bay, including muffling of the media and censorship of informed letters to The Irish Times from Sandymount.

Is FG just another in a long line of inbred traitors in Ireland?

Or does the honourable TD Creighton prefer to sit at the back of Sandymount & Merrion Resident Association meetings mouthing jibes about Gormley?  Where twitching Chris Andrews and Gormley are afraid to show up at SAMRA, pension-time-servers afraid of all the old and highly informed grannies in Sandymount.

This level of contribution from TD Creighton after years of training as an Irish lawyer,  (not nec perjorative; not nec oxymoronic), comes from a Sheedy-Lawyer profession which continues to contribute much less pleasure to Irish society than the oldest billable-minutes hoor (hoor, the Dutch word).

FG Communications director Ciaran Conlon is ex-MKC.
MKC are well paid promoters of the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.

MKC's clients & connections & patriots linked with FF include the following, most of whom appear to cynically or covertly promote the Poolbeg Incinerator with direction from de Drumcondra mafia:

  • Covanta 
    • (US Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, New Jersey, - a garden state stinking of polluting refineries
  • RTE
    • Member RTE Authority, SOB
  • Irish Times
  • Irish Independent
    • prior employer of MKCs SOB)
  • Engineers Ireland
    • covertly promotes the Poolbeg Incinerator:
    • Ask honourable Chris Horn,
    • Ask Herr Truthiness PJ Rudden of RPS
  • US Chamber of Commerce
    • /Us Ambassador?
  • National Development Plan
  • Dublin Transportation Office
  • PDs
  • Bertie Ahern advisor, Howlin 
    • googled recently from T-shocks office
  • FG Phil Hogan
    • fed by MKC.
No publicly declared direct connections to RPS (€25 million to promote Poolbeg Incinerator) nor to ESRI (also paid by DCC to promote incineration).

Adrian Kelleher Says:
October 11th, 2010 at 6:15 pm @Charlie
FG are enthusiastic proponents of the incinerator if Phil Hogan is any guide.
FG Communications director Ciaran Conlon is ex-MRPA (aka MKC),
btw, a lineal antecedent of the ever-shifting MKC Communications.

October 6, 2010

MKC's Cute Wee Hoors Damage Ireland? [Poolbeg Incinerator]

Does the Big Lie by MKC's Patriotic Inbred Cabal of Clients Damage Irish Jobs?

Does MKC and its cabal of "clients" and cute wee hoors seriously damage Brand Ireland?  

Does damaging Brand-Ireland damage Irish jobs?  Ask the penal colony.

MKC's clients have been telling Big Lies about "600 jobs".   The truth is the money.  The €750 million to be sent to New Jersey.  Jump Paddy Jump.  Jump Mick Jump.  Where's me Micky says Bertie in the cupboard.  Jaysus its smaller than the son of a farm labourer from Cork.  Mines a beamish.  I don't know schiesskerl BIFFO.

The waste industry in New Jersey has legacy mafia connections similar to Abramovich-Putin's alleged links to the Russian aluminum mafia wars and the Anglo-Irish Bank gaurantee.  Ask dodgy Toni Soprano or ask honest businessman Toni Orlando.  

Toni is an earner. Spaghetti doesn't grow on trees.  Three million per year bonus. 

Perhaps Abramovich-Putin issued "messages" to drunk BIFFO in September 2008.  After all it was after closing time.  Gormley was on the organic beer.  Disgracing the honest County of Kilkenny, TD Hogan of bent Fg was chasing his own shoelaces up his own arsch.  Hogan, no longer welcome at The Shamrocks.

In September 2010 Mr Abramovich, protected from extradition by ownership of Chelsea FC issued a "message" to Irelands already-caved-in Finance Minister.  Pay my subordinated bonds oder Katyn Forest.  The New Jersey mafia can smell patriots caving in.

MKC's latest patriotic workings could result in €750 Million or so being lifted  from Ireland and exported to Mr Zell (Covanta's US Billionaire /Landlord) and to the good bosses of Covanta.  

MKC is apparently a TD-Harney-connected lobbyist for  private US apartheid health care in Ireland.  Whats another €750 million to a bunch of gombeens responsible for liabilities of say €89,000,000,000 and ticking.

Cute Wee Clients & Hoors

Berty in his cupboard damaging Ireland’s brand on a worldwide scale from Silicon Valley to Shanghai with the indirect and unprovable help of patriotic MKC.  Mix-in patriotic Engineers Ireland, patriotic RPS, patriotic Bank of Ireland, Berty's patriotic buddy Gerry Howlin of MKC, The Irish Times political editor Stephen Collins and MKC client American Chamber of Commerce.  Helped by a post-retirement millionaire from Pittsburg, the esteemed US Ambassador.

Ireland has been screwed by the cosy cabal at Anglo-Irish-Bank, DDDA, Central Bank, Financial Regulator and Berty's Patriots.   That's not a once-off.  The corrupt and inbred culture continues in many forms.  Incest is bad for business.  The Rottweiler in Italien knows that (Ausgabe Wie immer ohne Gewähr).

MKC's Gerry Howlin

Gerry Howlin of MKC is a former advisor to Bertie Ahern.  Bertie from his cupboard has damaged Ireland's brand on a worldwide basis.  Colleague T-Shock BIFFO went on radio when drunk. The Drumcondra Mafia's boss apparently got buckets of cash from a Manchester Businessman.  This mafia is linked to the Sheedy Affair in Matt Coopers book (Supreme Court judge and others knobbled, including the registrar later appointed to lead Dublins legal profession.  Hint: rymes with Nixon).  

MKC Client Engineers Ireland & Covanta

MKC’s clients include multiple-lawbreaker Covanta and hijacked Engineers Ireland. 

A VP of Engineers Ireland is PJ Rudden.
The Director at RPS acting against voter wishes for Dublin Council unelected pensio-time-servers is PJ Rudden.
In January 2010 Engineers Ireland issued an apparently worthy document from a team of ‘experts’ on the topic of Irish Infrastructure.  EI President Chris Horn of respected Iona (now sold) claims EI is just an amateur organisation.  Ah shucks.

EI omitted to mention PJ Rudden’s role promoting incineration.
EI omitted to mention the consulting contracts given by incineration promotors (DCC; Energy Answers Intl/Covanta related) to a former state-employee. The employee was a former director at EPA-Ireland. EI did list that old EPA employment to add cr4edibility to EI’s pro-incineration posture while omitting the most recent contracts for the ex EPA employee from the incineration industry.

DCC funded ESRI to pitch for incineration.  So far RPS has received about €25 million.  

RPS's Rudden used the Irish Times to place apparent disinformation into the public domain, denying any health impact from "modern" incinerators.  That's a bare faced untruth even before considering Covanta/Ogdens twenty year record of thousands of dioxins and other air pollution fines for breaking American laws.  Good man PJ, patriot.   

Judge McKechnie of the High Court said DCC's Matt Twomey massaged RPS reports and did other dodgy things.  The good Matt has now retired on a lucrative pension to be funded by closing hospital services.

CBRE's "research director" gave what honest observers deem to be spin or even  lies or untruths to Bord Pleanala.  No data was published, a very large curiosity for an alleged "research director".  At least one of CBRE's charts presented to the public hearing and to the honest Bord Pleanala Inspector was cynically misleading.   CBRE also conveniently valued the polluted Irish Glass Bottle site at €415 million.  The esteemed and patriotic CBRE genius has been rewarded by the inbred cabal bankrupting Ireland for this professional kowtowing by being appointed to NAMA. 

Guess why Ireland is bankrupt.


September 13, 2010

Receivership Sought for Covanta Managed Incinerator

DCC has a secret contract with Covanta in offshored  Luxembourg to manage the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.  Who knows what burdens this contract places on Irish taxpayers.

Covanta with "HQ" in new Jersey manages an incinerator in Harrisburg, PA., USA.  Debt for financing the Harrisburg waste-to-toxins plant is forcing receivership or bankruptcy of the city.  Its proposed that property taxes be increased to pay the incinerator debts.

In Pennsylvania, under the state’s Local Government Unit Debt Act, creditors can compel the people of the city of Harrisburg to make good on its incinerator guarantees.

Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Dauphin County, home to the Pennsylvania state capital of Harrisburg, and bond insurer Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. asked a judge to appoint a receiver for a local incinerator whose debt they guarantee.
The filing today, in state court in the capital, also seeks to compel Harrisburg to make payments on $288 million in incinerator debt it guaranteed by raising property taxes if necessary.


September 2, 2010

Covanta Red Flags: Dodgy Poolbeg Incinerator Contract Expires - Time to Short Covanta?

 Signal: Covanta Stock to Drop?

Covanta Red Flags

Dodgy Poolbeg Incinerator Contract Expires

The Motley Fool considers 
"short interest greater than 5% to be a warning sign. While plenty of great companies can carry high short interest, that red flag is your invitation to dig for troubling information that the [Covanta] company's buyers might be missing."

Here's one Covanta red flag.  After the allocated three years, Covanta's secret 2007 contract for the Poolbeg waste-to-toxins incinerator in Ireland terminates on Sunday, September 5, 2010.  

Canceling that contract could save Irish taxpayers and society about $1 Billion (€750 Million) over 25 years.  Whether the Drumcondra Mafia reignites that dodgy contract will say a lot about winnings on de horses, the Manchester business man, Engineers Ireland and Regurgitated Philistine Spin (RPS).

Covanta (CVA) is a stock with a high percentage of its publicly traded shares sold short.  CVA may be trading at too high a price.  So if you like a gamble ask in Fagins about betting on this horse: further falls in Covanta's share price.

Second Red Flag for Covanta: technical analysis of CVA's stock price.  Technical analysis possibly signals that big Covanta investors are legally getting out of CVA stock based on professional insights not in the public domain.  

Covanta stock crashed below the 200-day average, a key signal, around the time they halted construction in Poolbeg, and just after the destruction of the Dublin Bay fresh water habitat for Brent Geese.  The Geese are in Canada at Polar Bear Pass near the North Pole and will have a pleasant surprise on returning 4000 kms to Dublin: wrecked fresh water source.

See The Motley Fool for why wasters in the waste-to-toxins racket should be dumped or at least shorted.  Or go to Fagins and ask about the other bankruptcies in Poolbeg: IGB, DDDA, Anglo-Irish Bank, Zoe Developments/Caroll.


Time to Short Waste Management?

At, we believe in buying great companies for the long term. However, not every company commands a fair price, and many trade for far more than they're actually worth.

In these situations, investors actually have a chance to benefit from a stock's plunge. When shorting a stock, an investor bets that price of a stock will go down, and profits from any downward movement. The practice is risky, inviting unlimited losses while only providing limited upside. However, shorting wildly overvalued companies can also help balance your portfolio against the wild market swings we've seen in previous years.

To find shorting candidates, we screened for stocks with a high percentage of their publicly traded shares sold short. [Edit by this blog: One such stock is Covanta (NYSE: CVA), with a current short interest of 5%.]

Irish Government Approves Illegal HQ for Bankrupt National Traitor.

Go Ahead Lads.
Unlawful Anglo-Irish Bank HQ.

National gombeen Anglo-Irish-'Bank' started to build an illegal HQ on the Liffey.  Whilst claiming to be a bank, and whilst allegedly cooking its books with aid from other 'banks' and the Financial Regulator, the esteemed property speculation company used their captive Dodgy Dublin Developers Autocracy (DDDA) department to rubber-stamp an illegal building permit.

Today, the esteemed Irish institution An Bord Pleanála, full of totally honest directors appointed by the Drumcondra Mafia, retro-actively approved the illegal building permit for the bankrupted banks desired HQ.  

The 'developer' ZOE/Caroll who allegedly worked with DDDA to get the dodgy contract, is also bankrupt.  That 'developers' assets have been offloaded by the Drumcondra Mafia onto taxpayers at a cost of the order of €3 Billion in the NAMA scam.

Anglo-Irish Bank's scams will cost Ireland at least €70 Billion in direct property debts and in indirect lost opportunity costs from the crippling of venture capital to 2020 and beyond.  

Proportionately scaled up, Anglo-Irish Bank's scams are equivalent to $10 Trillion in USA terms, or ten Eye-raki wars.  

An Bord Pleanála is doing a mighty fine job.  Mission accomplished.

August 31, 2010

Covanta Buys Trade Unions in Canada (Poolbeg Incinerator)

Covanta Job Promises in Canada. Covanta Job Threats in Dublin.  

Tamanny Hall, Vancouver, Canada: In British Columbia, Covanta is working with the totally honest leaders of a trade union. Covanta is using job promises to get the union to lobby for waste-to-toxins incineration. Even the New Jersey mafia would agree this is all legal. 

Lawbreaker Covanta was chosen by undue-influence-DCC to operate the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator in a secret contract, a contract which is being used to blackmail taxpayers. Covanta's agents in corrupt Ireland seem to be using the US Ambassador to create investment threats and local TDs for lies about jobs.  If successful Covanta stands to grab and export €750 million of Irish money to New Jersey or to offshore tax havens, perhaps via the US Virgin Islands.

Front and centre at public consultations in the run-up to the hotly-contested Metro [incinerator] vote was Mark Olsen, business manager for the Construction and Specialized Workers Local 1110, speaking on behalf of the Coalition of BC Building Trades Unions.

Building Trades Unions's Olsen pulled no punches, pitching hard for a mass burn incinerator proposed at Gold River [near Vancouver] by Covanta Energy of New Jersey.
In Covanta’s case, the agreement offered vital lobbying leverage, providing a new and Canadian public advocate for a firm that is new to the province. Although the municipality of Gold River and the Muchalaht First Nation both endorsed the project, [Building Trades Union] Olsen and his 50 supporters gave Covanta a big profile at public meetings in Metro [Vancouver] and garnered significant media coverage.

August 29, 2010

USA Ambassador Strong-Arms For New Jersey Lawbreaker: Poolbeg Incinerator

A Colony Once Again - BIFFO's Masterwork.

It's often said by Americans that the US government is the Washington Office for Corporate America.   Today the US government's ambassador and chief-salesman resides in the Phoenix Park HQ of the previous coloniser, the British Empire.  An American ambassador lobbying for a New Jersey lawbreaker does not embarrass BIFFO.

The Independent claims Biffo is "embarrassed".  Patriot BIFFO is not reported to be embarrassed by reports of a foreign government strong-arming in Ireland for a US lawbreaking corporation.

Nor by multiple Poolbeg business deals and possible scams which have crippled Irish society.  The Indo does not mention any embarrassment about the seven hundred and fifty million Euro the philistine Poolbeg Incineration project would export from Ireland via Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg-Aruba to the land of Tony Soprano.  The Independent does not say whether BIFFO is embarassed by the Drumcondra Mafia's alleged scams such as the Sheedy Affair (see Matt Coopers book & August 2010 Irish Times).  Nor by appointments of buddies to Dublin Port Company in Poolbeg.

Isn't Covanta a repeated lawbreaker?  Don't Covanta's unlawfull toxins violations seriously damage peoples' health?

For some unknown reason at the end of August the esteemed and honourable Sunday Independent is repeating the 'rumour' from July 4 that the US Ambassador is lobbying for Covanta.    

Why did the ambassador, a member of George Bush's Republican Party, get the Ireland retirement job from a Democrat?  What intel from Pembroke Road and echelon can the ambassador kindly share with BIFFO?  Perhaps some tips so he too can win it on de horses.  Or perhaps some stuff of a personal nature on Enda or Der Grosse Schiesskerl Aus Offaly not suitable for the public domain.

The Indo spin-machine used to be 'managed' by billionaires including Tony O'Reilly.   However banks, possibly American, took over the 'newspaper' following bad management of its assets.    O'Reilly worked for years in Pittsburg selling sugary tomato sauce and baked beans, toilet rolls or re-used Indo's optional.  Millionaire ambassador Rooney owns a football team in Pittsburg. 

 IGB: 450 Million.  ZOE: Two Billion. 
 Anglo-Irish 'Bank': Eighty Billion.  
Waste-to-Toxins Incinerator: 750 Million. 

August 26, 2010

Adverse-Possession-Pat-Kenny Spins For New Jersey Law Breaker ( Poolbeg Incinerator)

Patriot Pat Kenny did a pro-Covanta broadcast from FF's Cute-Wee-Hoor-Radio, RTE.     Adverse possession Pat is a totally honest man who unfortunately does not directly enjoy the CPO privileges reserved for the honest men at DCC.  
Undue-Influence-DCC favours compulsory purchase of land ('CPO').  Pat Kenny favours squatting or 'adverse possession' as its known in NAMA-Ebonics.  So naturally he might favour DCC.  Or he might not.  
Pat may also be a paid-up member of Eejits Ireland where waster PJ Rotten is a VP and where innocently hijacked EI issues somewhat dodgy pro-incineration "reports", totally innocently omitting certain pertinent relationships to the incineration industry, after socialization in the Ice Bar.  
On RTE, Pat Kenny apparently read questions from a script supplied to his research team by Covanta's spin company MKC or by RPS's Bambi.  (MKC: Where Health Minister Harney's partner promotes privatized USA health care apartheid in Ireland).  Spin company RPS dresses itself up as an engineering consultant.  PJ's RPS with a "ex"-RPS employee embedded at Bord Pleanála consults for Shell in Enda Kenny and Lucinda Creighton's  Mayo SAC's and bogland-habitats and for DCC. DCC has a secret contract with lawbreaker Covanta.   
  • Pat Kenny did not ask about Covanta's record of lawbreaking in the USA.   
  • Pat Kenny did not ask about Judge McKechnie's unapproved judgement that DCC's Twomey, now retired on a state pension, used undue influence and massaged reports from RPS.   
  • Pat Kenny did not query the role of the Drumcondra Mafia.   
  • Pat Kenny did not mention CPO'd land nor the adverse possession of land or strands.    
  • Pat Kenny did not ask about Covanta's contract in Lake County, Florida which has burdened locals with an extra $350 Million in fees, and stopped recycling efforts by the 'bankrupted' local authorities   
  • Pat Kenny did not mention the US Ambassador telling Paddy to jump.  

Jump Paddy. Jump. 
Yissir Massa. How High?  

Good Man Pat.

    If you don't pay your RTE licence for Pat Kenny's salary you go to jail.  
    If you bankrupt the country you don't go to jail.  
    If you squat on public land you don't go to jail.

    Bada Bling. Covanta Gazillionaire Zell To Get Dubliners Money (Poolbeg Incinerator).

    No Cost-Benefit-Analysis for Poolbeg Incinerator - McCarthy, Jennings 

    • Covanta gets €500 Million to €750 Million of your money.
    • Dubliners get all the risk.

    'PS': The cost-benefit analysis of unknowable premature deaths across Dublin is outside the scope of this knowledgeable Jennings-McCarthy article (also pasted below).  

    Unelected DCC officials and their waste-to-toxins operator will transfer any additional cost burdens from any premature deaths onto society.  Three hundred premature deaths per year, not denied by Environment Minister Roche in a Dail Question, would cost €2.4 Billion per year.  Do you own sums, and don't accept the offer of a dodgy free calculator from 'undue influence DCC' or 'massaged reports DCC '.


    Costs of incinerator should be a burning issue 

    Irish Times.  Tue, Aug 24, 2010
    Some highlighting and links have been added to the original Jennings-McCarthy text.

    There has been no public scrutiny of the costs for planning and running the Poolbeg incinerator, 


    THE DEAL struck between Dublin City Council and Covanta for the Poolbeg incinerator is a closely guarded secret so the public has been unable to judge the value for money in this project.

    We know from two previous mistakes – e-voting machines and the Westlink toll bridge – that the public has lost millions through bad deals struck by public servants making poorly-informed decisions.

    There has been no public scrutiny of the costs for planning, building and running this incinerator. In 2007, without reopening the public procurement process, Dublin City Council brought Covanta into this public/private partnership (PPP) when the original consortium of DONG/Elsam withdrew. The council went ahead with an extraordinary contract with Covanta which commits the city to decades of payments whether or not the waste is actually available.

    The private operator in a PPP is supposed to bear the risk, but in this case the council has removed the risk by giving financial certainty to Covanta via the 25-year municipal contract at a fixed gate fee for 320,000 tonnes per annum. Thus the people of Dublin are carrying the risk, not Covanta.

    We have asked the council at open days, at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Bórd Pleanála oral hearings and via Freedom of Information requests for details of the original financial model and for details of the contract costings but the council refuses to divulge any details on the basis of commercial confidentiality.

    Therefore the figures used in this article are our best estimates based on information that is in the public domain and our extrapolations. We would be happy to revise our calculations if Dublin City Council would reveal their actual figures.
    Because we do not have details of the “put or pay” contract between the council and Covanta we have estimated a gate fee of €80 per tonne (this estimate is based on figures presented to the oral hearings). At €80 per tonne Covanta would be guaranteed €25.6 million per annum for the first 320,000 tonnes. This revenue is more than enough to make a profit for Covanta.
    On the same basis, we estimate the likely penalties for the city council not meeting the “put or pay” clause to be in the order of €14.4 million per annum.

    Because the plant is oversized at 600,000 tonnes Covanta will be free to offer the excess capacity at any marginal price it chooses. This could lead to undercutting of other operators. Recycling and mechanical biological treatment (MBT), which are more environmentally friendly disposal methods, would be undermined. This has already happened in US cities where Covanta is operating.

    A presentation by Covanta to the Welsh government released under FoI reveals an offer by Covanta to operate a 600,000 tonne incinerator just like Poolbeg for a gate fee of £45 (€53) per tonne. An agreement signed in the US by Elbert County, Georgia, which names Covanta as operator of a planned incinerator the same size as Poolbeg, has a gate fee of just $25 (€20) per tonne.
    Why has Dublin City Council apparently committed to a gate fee which is 50 per cent more expensive than the offer in Wales and four times the cost in Georgia?

    The additional income to Covanta would be €8.64 million annually over the Welsh price or €19.2 million over the US price.

    Then there is the question of revenue from the sale of electricity.

    We estimate the electricity revenue from burning 320,000 tonnes to be €11.5 million annually and Covanta generally retains energy revenues from tip-fee type contracts, although again we don’t know what revenue sharing is agreed for Dublin.

    Covanta’s extra income in Dublin, compared to Wales and the US, therefore appears to be between €20 million and €30 million annually. Over the 25 years of the contract Covanta could take between €500 million and €750 million in extra income in Dublin.
    This is an astonishing amount of money. Cui bono? Certainly not the citizens of Dublin. We begin to see why US big business is leaning so heavily on the Irish authorities to get this project going before too many awkward questions are asked.

    Incineration was selected in 1997 based on a flawed analysis. The margin by which incineration was chosen over MBT was just 19 per cent but several costs were omitted, including the cost of the land, the cost of disposing of ash and the cost of CO2 emissions.
    The incinerator will produce mountains of bottom ash – 150,000 tonnes every year – and the city council proposed to export this ash from Poolbeg by ship for “recycling” in the UK or Denmark. The cost of transporting the bottom ash was omitted from the original analysis. The impact of handling and disposing of the bottom ash was excluded from both the Bórd Pleanála and EPA hearings.

    If, as is likely, the bottom ash is to go to the new landfill at Nevitt in north Co Dublin the planning permission will have to be “rectified”, according to former assistant city manager Matt Twomey.

    Bottom ash is an active material because of the heavy metal content and will need a waste licence before being exported or being dumped in landfill. The ash needs to be cured by allowing it to sit for weeks in the air before it can be tested for hazardous classification.

    The costs of the ash handling, transport and land for curing have also been omitted.

    The original analysis omitted the cost of disposal of fly ash which is toxic and needs specialised handling and disposal, usually in salt mines in Germany. Again the cost of transport was omitted.

    The cost of the large quantities of CO2 produced by the incinerator was also omitted.

    When all these costs are taken into account MBT is actually cheaper than incineration.

    Dublin City Council is spinning about the likelihood of large fines. Fines for breaching the EU landfill directive have not been imposed anywhere and are unlikely to arise in Ireland. This is because the MBT plants already in operation suggest the 2010 target will be met. EPA guidelines on source segregation and regulations requiring the composting of food waste will help the country meet the targets for future years.

    If the Dublin region had a number of smaller MBT plants there would be less distance for trucks to transport the waste, more jobs and more competition in the marketplace. This would provide better value for the residents and businesses of Dublin than one enormous incinerator monopolising the waste market. It would also mean that Dublin would not be stuck with an inflexible contract for 25 years, restricting any innovation in waste management.

    This project was intentionally split into pieces, each requiring approval from a different authority. There is no proper cost benefit analysis for the overall project.

    E-voting and Westlink turned out to be extremely costly to the Irish taxpayer. They were undertaken by the authorities without proper scrutiny of the costs – €60 million in the case of e-voting and €600 million to buy out the Westlink toll bridge. We need an opportunity to discuss the value for money of the proposed incinerator and the enormous costs and profits associated with it.

    It is time for an independent, open inquiry into how this project came about, what the costs have been and what the financial consequences will be for Dublin’s citizens.

    Joe McCarthy and Valerie Jennings are residents of Sandymount, Dublin.
    They previously campaigned successfully against the e-voting project.
    © 2010 The Irish Times

    No Cost-Benefit-Analysis for Poolbeg Incinerator - McCarthy, Jennings 

    August 22, 2010

    Covanta Money To US Politicians

    Money and other favours given to Irish politicians and their cronies are kept hidden in Ireland.

    In August 2010, Covanta has Irish politicians such as TD Quinn and knowledgeable Cllr Tormey putting jobs scare stories into the media.  Meanwhile DCC has withheld information, used undue influence and massaged reports (Judge McKechnie).  A lawyer used by DCC held a fundraisor for Obama in Dublin.  Favouring US private-healthcare companies, TD Harney's HSE refuses a baseline health study for Poolbeg.

    A US Republican Party millionaire is also lobbying in Ireland for Covanta - US Ambassador Rooney, owner of a Pittsburg football franchise.  Mr. Obama appointed Rooney.   Billionaire Sam Zell owns the Chicago Cubs and is the largest owner of Covanta stock.  Zell has put the Chicago Tribune, LA Times and others into bankruptcy ("Zell Hell").  Covanta knows how to do bankruptcy.


    Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (

    About, a groundbreaking public database, illuminates the connection between money and politics in unprecedented ways.

    Elected officials collect large sums of money to run their campaigns, and they often pay back campaign contributors with special access and favorable laws.

    This common practice is contrary to the public interest, yet legal. makes money/vote connections transparent, to help citizens hold their legislators accountable. is nonprofit and nonpartisan.

    August 21, 2010

    Covanta Incinerator Breaks Law Again - Wallingford, Connecticut.

     AUGUST 2010


    Repeated violator Covanta does not transfer its problems to other parishes, a best-available-technology.  Instead it fobs off the residents whose health it threatens by paying small fines.  Whilst also increasing the millions of dollars it uses each year to "lobby" politicians.

    Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is suing Covanta for emitting excessive levels of a carcinogen for the second time in three years.  

    “Our legal action follows a repeat environmental violation — excessive emissions of toxic dioxin,” Blumenthal said in a statement.

    Covanta's wonderful machinery broke down in April 2010.  Was it fixed and reported in April 2010?  No.  Covanta only reported the failure in July 2010.  Does this mean Covanta was pumping out deadly dioxins for four months or longer?  If so, thanks to the jet stream, Covanta is already dropping dioxins onto Dublin.

    There is no safe level for dioxins.  Nevertheless, RPS's Rudden paid €25 million by DCC, spins that "modern incinerators" do not have "ANY" health impact.  With Covanta's record this spin is at best cynical if not reckless, though hijacked Eejits Ireland may disagree.

    Paying off piddling fines is cheaper than the continuous control of dioxins with technically impossible engineering.  Small fines maximise owner & director bonuses, throwing the vast health costs onto residents.  Does Mr Zell, Covantas biggest investor, need the money now that his newspaper business is bankrupt?

    Mark Babcock and his family live less than a mile from the facility and he is happy to hear the state is cracking down.

    "We get some smells from that place, sometimes it smells like anti-freeze, sometimes it smells like garbage, burnt tires, whatever, and it kind of makes you wonder what you might be putting into your system breathing that air," he said.


    Read more here


    August 18, 2010

    Increased Recycling Halts Covanta - New York


    Covanta has decided to postpone its expansion of the Westbury, New York State, plant, citing economic reasons for the delay. 

    Covanta advised that the factors involved were low tipping fees, a tax break from the Town of Hempstead was not as favorable as thought, and the rate it could charge National Grid for power was not as high as predicted. 

    As a result, and also because the State is putting pressure on the local governments on Long Island for increased recycling, the Covanta project has been put on hold. 


    Read more on Covanta in New York State here

    Labour Double-speak on Poolbeg Incinerator Process? 

    Originally Posted by cllr View Post
    Yes Eurocitizen the people of Dublin did elect a majority of Labour and FG Councilors to Dublin City Council but because of legislation brought in by Fianna Fail - to which you might have some allegiance - all waste management matters and powers have been tranferred to the Manager. So much for Fianna Fails support for democracy.

    How about some honesty from Labour?

    Labour appears to fully support a toxins-from-waste incinerator.

    TD Quinn appears to have taken the scare-story-script directly from Covanta's PR company MKC, a PR company
    apparently spinning for US private health care in Ireland and connected to Health Minister Harney.

    Then TD Quinn seems to have acted on Newstalk as a mouthpiece for Covanta. Why is Labour supporting Covanta, a company which is reported to have violated workers rights in the USA? 
    The Covanta company’s illegal conduct caused workers to lose between 8% and 11% of their annual income in 2009. TD Quinn did not contest the Big Lie about jobs for Ireland.  At best during operation of the proposed toxins-from-waste incinerator perhaps 50 low-wage jobs will go to 'non-nationals' on minimum wage - to remove illegal waste or explosives or radioactive waste delivered by huindreds of trucks.

    On Newstalk TD Quinn apparently repeated Covanta's PR spin and Big Lie that US companies will invest elsewhere if Big Lie-X, Big Lie-Y & Z. Covanta and its predecessor Ogden have allegedly broken the law in the USA thousands of times. Since when do honest Google, HP, Intel, etc take investment guidance from a company with a record of lawbreaking?

    As a qualified architect it is curious TD Quinn makes no comments about a philistine structure wrecking the vistas and tourism of Dublin, as seen from his front window.

    After Judge McKechnie's unapproved adjudication in Dec 2009 on "undue influence" in the Bord Pleanala and EPA processes & massaging of RPS reports by DCC's now-retired asst-city-manager, misdirecting the public, it is very curious TD Quinn fully approves the possibly dodgy Bord Pleanala and EPA "decisions" and claims a lawful process has been conducted, so every Paddy should submit to these great hierarchies (paraphrasing). TD Quinn seems to support the decisions of organisations stacked with political cronies and "ex" incinerator-employees at board level.

    Most curious is TD Quinns apparent full support for the blackmailing of Irish taxpayers through the still-secret contract DCC wrote *before* either Bord Pleanala or EPA issued their edicts in 2007. This smells of Anglo-Irish Bank and the systemic importance Big Lie.

    Covanta has told Paddy to jump.
    TD Quinn has replied: Yessir Massa, How High!

    How about some honesty from Labour?