February 5, 2014

Tierney Daughter's Job at RPS


Joanne Tierney is the daughter of Mr John Tierney, the gentleman famous for curiously burning €110 Million of public money on the city dump in Dublin Bay at 'Poolbeg'.

Is it curious at all at all that the fine public servant's  daughter is now on the payroll of RPS-water in Australia?  And is it curious Mr Tierney is giving jobs at Irish-water to former RPS Poolbeg Incinerator consultants - especially after being in charge when €22 million in illegal payments were made to RPS?

Meanwhile daddy is now working with Kilkenny buddy Hogan to install water-tax meters in every house in Ireland, a better gig than selling sand to the Arabs.

Obviously Daddy's honourable services to the people of Galway and Dublin are good enough for government work.

Its important Covanta investors know this.
Mr Tierney has a doctorate in governance or advanced business management or something like that from somewhere.  Apparently the EU in Brussels has a view that under Tierney's watch Dublin City Council illegally paid in excess of €22 Million to PJ Rudden's RPS in a dodgy and undocumented illegal contract.  No records.  No spreadsheets. No accounts.  No minutes of meetings. Curious.   

Judge McKechnie made a judgement about DCC management cooking RPS 'expert' reports to misinform the people of Ireland.