January 17, 2012

Professor Tol Pot Takes Noon Stage

On The Same Page: The ESRI, Hogan, Carey, Dublin City Council, Fine Gael, Covanta & Political Perversion.

De Heer Tol Pot has taken the noon-stage from Ireland's esteemed ESRI to a heel lekker polytechnic in the south of England - for the sake of his children.  But coming from the frugal Netherlands where a Gulden is a Gulden and professors are paid half of Irish-professor rates perhaps it was for the sake of his take-home Guldens.   After all the shockwaves emanating from a Dutchman after he dropped just one Gulden coin was enough to form the Grand Canyon.  The IMF recently reduced Tol Pot's salary at ESRI by 30%. 

The IMF subjugated Paddy after the reckless Irish property boom during which the self proclaimed Economic Social Research Institute was Economic - with the truth.   Today this highly regarded ESRI is silent about Irish taxpayers bailing out The Netherlands ABN-AMRO, a major speculator in sub-prime mortgages and "investor" in Ireland with its friends in RBS and Deutsche Bank.

The great man seemed to be prone to bursts of arrogance, not a typical Dutch characteristic. Nevertheless Tol Pot finally acknowledged his Coffeeshop induced research with the dogs in the streets that the ESRI does no research of public service unless they have a man giving them King's Shillings.  Does the inbred cabal spinning for the Poolbeg Incinerator spring to mind?  

Tol Pot's spin in 2010-2011 was that Dublin City Council's large payment did not influence ESRI's report on the Poolbeg Incinerator.  But on his departure in 2012 he finally conceded that ESRI reports are used by well funded PR agencies to create spin for the ESRI's paymasters.  Politicians such as Bertie or Bishop Hogan may then use the PR spin as cover to misinform the public.  On this abuse of the public the economic-with-the-truth ESRI stays silent.  And ESRI ensures its staff stay silent, a best-practice from the Catholic hierarchy.   

Tol Pot denied moderating comments on his pro-incineration blog postings.  On running away from Ireland De Heer Tol Pot omitted any mention of his apparent practice of censoring of comments posted to his section on The Irish Economy blog on the topic of the Poolbeg Incinerator.  When challenged he at first claimed a curiously-incredible technical glitch.  Or was it the dog ate his internet packets.   De Heer Pot denied any moderation.   Later he further denied post-denial censorship.  And apparently used the more devious and subtle tactic of with-holding knowledgeable blog comments for a day or two, whilst publishing others, before cynically closing off comments to the blog when further challenged.  If accurately recalled from the  Baidu.com cache is this very curious behaviour for a great man of fundamental research and a man-of-truth.  

More curiously Sarah Carey, a fired Irish Times journalist with no known expertise on incineration, has popped up with comments to support Tol Pot's incineration postings on the Irish Economy Blog and on a Politics.ie discussion.   It's to be noted that Carey was fired by the Irish Times only after she publicly admitting to telling lies to a judge at a €100 million tribunal involving Fianna-Gael politicians and a businessman granted a mobile phone licence making him a Billionaire and owner of Irish media. The Irish Times depends on advertising cash from anti-democratic incinerator promoters in DCC; IT already knew Carey lied to the judge but did nothing till totally humiliated by Carey, apparently. Several lawyers have been made millionaires by the tribunal circus - the more misinformation and the more lies the better and the higher the costs to the taxpayer.  Carey sniggers she did not commit perjury as she was not under oath.  

Fianna Gael's K Club.
Fired journalist Carey is a insider buddy of Bishop Phil Hogan, Ireland's Environment Minister and reported arranger of cash donations to FG from New Jersey's Covanta using golf sponsorship at Fine Gaels galway tent at the K Club.  Seanie and BIFFO also did golf sponsorship before they bankrupted the country.  Hogan is now bending over any which way for Covanta, a corporation with a record of being fined for breaking American Law and of polluting America with dioxins and heavy metals and dangerous particles and gases over at least a 20 year period.  

Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool reported 18,000 deaths per year from air pollution across The Netherlands.  The Netherlands is effectively a large city with an area and population not dissimilar to Los Angeles.  Het Parool reported deaths from air pollution were dropping in Holland since the mid-1990s - except in Amsterdam.  It stated Amsterdam had one thousand deaths per year above the Dutch average and no-one new why.  Except Tol Pot of course.  He claimed the deaths were not from the incinerator fired up in the early 1990s.    Tol Pot claimed the incinerator to the west of Amsterdam is not responsible for the 1,000 excess deaths in Amsterdam per year.  Ignoring the fiasco of the Irish Voting Machines imported from The Netherlands he arrogantly ranted about world class Dutch science.  He even provided a reference to his incinerator-deaths-denial.  But this apparent reference to his claim seems to be an arrogant deflection from the truth.  Tol Pot's reference pointed to nothing specific.  The subtly constructed misdirection is a curious error for a practitioner of the miserable science and a preacher to De Paddy of the merits of fundamental research.  

Economic with the truth.

Sodemieter Op!  
Naar Brighton. 

 Salò, is a controversial1975 Italian drama film written and directed by Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini.  The film is noted for exploring the themes of political corruption, abuse of power, sadism, perversion, sexuality, and fascism.   See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sal%C3%B2,_or_the_120_Days_of_Sodom

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