May 12, 2009

DDDA's Cynical Usage of Social Housing?

In a real democracy social housing is administered by a fully professional civil service.

So why is the Dublin Developer's Autocracy (DDDA) deciding who gets social housing in Dublin?

There could be a perception, however unfair, that Councillors exployed by DDDA could swap votes for influencing decisions on who gets an allegedly market-discounted house in 'The Docklands'.

Such a scheme, administered by acknowledged political-appointees, could also allow building speculators to offload unsold flats at taxpayer expense. Either way it costs private purchasers by keeping prices higher than otherwise for free and fair market transactions. (Anglo-Irish Bank, a DDDA partner, knows a lot about influencing free and fair stock-market transactions).

There are elections in Dublin in June 2009. By pure coincidence, on May 8, 2009, DDDA forced 60 people to line up overnight outside their offices in a PR stunt for a 'limited' supply of social flats. Isn't DDDA's newest Green-FF chairman a Galway Tent Governance Expert?


By 1854, Tammany's lineage and support from immigrants had made it a powerful force in New York politics. Tammany controlled businesses, politics and sometimes law enforcement. Businesses would give gifts to their workers and, in exchange, tell the workers to vote for the politicians that were supported by Tammany (usually a straight Democratic ticket).

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