June 7, 2010

Cement Shoes for Florida Toni

Environmentally Friendly Cement.

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US firm cuts spending on Poolbeg incinerator
25 April 2010 By John Burke Public Affairs Correspondent

The US energy firm behind the planned Poolbeg incinerator in Dublin is curtailing spending on the €300 million project as the ‘‘regulatory process to date has not progressed as expected’’.

Covanta started work on the project late last year, but is waiting for a foreshore licence to be issued for the project, which is opposed by John Gormley, the Green Party Minister for the Environment.

In a briefing to analysts last week, Covanta chief executive Tony Orlando said the issuing of the licence was ‘‘largely administrative’’ but ‘‘has become fairly politicised’’.

Responsibility for foreshore permits was transferred from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of the Environment in late January and is now part of Gormley’s remit.

A spokesman for the minister confirmed that the permit process had transferred to the minister’s office, which was handling a ‘‘considerable number of other foreshore permit applications’’.

It is understood that the backlog of applications goes back as far as 2003 in some cases. There is no statutory time period within which the minister must issue the permit.

Orlando said Covanta was ‘‘spending in a prudent fashion’’ on the Dublin project and would ‘‘continue to make assessments as events unfold’’.

He was answering analysts’ questions after the firm filed its latest report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The firm needs the foreshore licence to pipe water into the facility and cannot operate the plant without it. Orlando said it was unfortunate that the project had not progressed as far as it had hoped.

He said the experience in Ireland had been ‘‘frustrating’’, but the firm ‘‘generally like[d] it in Ireland, notwithstanding these challenges’’.

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