September 21, 2009

Bankrupt Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy Bails out Bankrupt Developer ZOE

Bankrupt Bails Out Bankrupt With Taxpayer Cash?

 Is Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy acting as the market-rigging lab rat for NAMA by arranging a €10,900,000 donation to bankrupt ZOE for 51 drug-land flats at Castleforbes Square and Northbank?

Where does bankrupt DDDA get the eleven million from?

 Who Stole The Peoples's Money.  'T WAS HIM.
[Tammany Hall]

 Perhaps honest NAMA will rob taxpayers to give €10.9 million to Anglo-Irish to give to DDDA to give to ZOE to give to Anglo-Irish to give to offshore bond salesmen in Macau to give to Seanie for Seanie's casino partners in Macau, or Ringsend.


Green-Washed Social Dividend.

DDDA used to provide affordable housing photo-ops for Berty.

Now John The Traitor Gormley is polishing his bicycle clips for the affordable photo-ops.   John has already achieved his 2-year pension dream, a pension higher than that Kenyan non-national in the White People's House.  Three more years gets honest John's pension into bankster territory.

Meanwhile the fired green-party sandal-wearers are afraid to walk around local supermarkets.

The Green traitors are now 'insisting' on a green-washed social dividend from the socialised banks in the capitalist's NAMA scam.

Imagine you were a 2007 fool to whom DDDA sold an "affordable" flat in Dublin for €400,000.  It's now worth less than €125,000.  And next the Greens will use your NAMA money to move in some challenged people to enhance your 'hood.

Or imagine you are a private purchaser who is competing in 2009 to buy the €125,000 flat in Dublin - with DDDA & NAMA rigging the price with taxpayer cash to rig the price to above €210,000 per flat.

ZOE's flats can not be sold to sane people, and it's not just because they are beside Sheriff Street's drugs industry.  Even a gated community with armed response won't protect any private purchasers of ZOE's flats from Anglo-Irish, DDDA, NAMA and grotesque Green Party financial threats and pocket picking for votes.


The flats are barely a drug needle's distance from the stalled and illegal concrete shell built by ZOE as Anglo-Irish Bank's HQ  - now stalled because DDDA apparently conspired with others to issue illegal or curious planning permits or procedures.  

 Why has DDDA not published its annual accounts for December 31, 2008?  Is it because DDDA is financially, ethically and socially bankrupt?  

DDDA seems to be waiting for NAMA to create "expert valuations" for its financially and chemically toxic €450 toxic hole in the ground at the Irish Glass Bottle Site in Ringsend.  

Ex-DDDA and ex-Anglo Seanie can donate plans from his Macau Casino Caper.  

Conflicts of interest abound: 

  • Both DDDA and NAMA directly control planning permission.  
  • Both are politically controlled property market speculators 
  • or riggers, in a legalised pyramid scheme.  
  • Both effectively operate in secret.  

NAMA's corporate objective as effectively stated on TV by Ireland's Finance Minister 
is to rig the Irish property market for decades to keep prices above fair market prices for decades.  DDDA and NAMA will make some people homeless and also keep the country non-competitive by rigging office and home pricing.

Supposedly because of money troubles the bankrupt Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy (DDDA) recently fired about half its staff, no doubt including governance scapegoats and potential whistle-blowers.  DDDA appears to be bankrupt not just  ethically, but financially - DDDA's annual accounts are withheld to con or misinform the public.


ZOE operates a few floors of offices in Parnell Street directly below two floors of offices for the rescued mega-bankrupt Bank of Scotland.   Learjet FAS has a huge office across the street.

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