January 31, 2011

Poolbeg Incinerator Will Export €700 Million.

There has been no public scrutiny of the costs for planning and running the Poolbeg incinerator.


There's some publicity on January 31, 2011 about the secret put or pay contract for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.  A similar contract in Florida seems to have cost Orlando about $300 million and also stopped recycling, in order to feed the fnancially challenged incinerator.  The Orlando Sentinel reports waste now has to be imported to pay the bills.

Perhaps a bigger issue than the €200-€350 million in put or pay penalties is the €500 to €700 million to be shipped to New Jersey by Irelands patriotic political cabal. 

When Ireland declares bankruptcy how will the New Jersey boys enforce their secret contract?  Sponsor the Sopranos?

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Anonymous said...

Tonnes /// Waste fees per tonne (Aka "Gate Fee") /// years /// Thirty year cost of waste fees (€-Billions).
350,000 /// 100 ///30 ///€1.05 €-Billions

650,000 /// 100 /// 30 /// €1.95 €-Billions

Secret/blacked-out contract has built-in CPI inflation escalator.

€100/tonnes is guesstimate for 2015 - 2020.

Penalties apply below 350,000 tonnes: €200 to €400 million.

Contract Walk-away clause: Cancelled by Tierney, Dublin City Council, Sep 2010.

Two thousand lost jobs in recycling: €-cost?