April 29, 2011

AI-controlled robotic recycling system = Incineration is a dinosaur technology.

ZenRobotics Ltd. is a Finnish high-end cleantech company, based in Helsinki. The 20-strong company boasts 8 PhDs of international caliber.

The company's main product is ZenRobotics Recycler, an AI-controlled robotic recycling system which reclaims valuable raw materials from waste streams.

The system will be available worldwide in 2012, it is currently marketed through a reseller network in 49 countries. Read more: http://www.zenrobotics.com


Incineration is a dinosaur technology.

American Covanta is comparable to 1960s GE.  GE designed Nukes and Trains.  Add a taste of Toshiba and Hitachi at Fukushima.  And the free world's Arselor from Washingon to Boston which does an awesome 70 MPH.   China's totalitarian engineers do 1500 KM in five hours by train.  Meanwhile GE became a bank trading in fraud.

Innocent Covanta and time-serving-DCC is traitorous Bertie Ahern finance locking in bad USA technology designed by the atypical cowboys giving mostly good Americans a lousy name.  Currently Bertie is an advisor to Nigeria, his natural home, complete with a Guinness brewery where Black is Beautiful. However Covanta is not beautiful.  Covanta is not even black.

And in Japan and of course not in the beautiful garden state of New Jersey, the concrete is poured by the Yakuza. There is no Yakuza in 'Jersey says Toni.  Youse need to blame the Irish.

Toni:  And F*ck Finland too. 

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