April 12, 2012

Covanta Using MacQuarie to seek Debt & Equity

Covanta's Sam Zell.  Multi-Billionaire.
How will Macquarie Capital price the risk of Covanta's proposed Poolbeg Incinerator contract being declared illegal by the EU? 

The legal payments to FF and to FG by agents of Covanta and the interference by associated aliens prior to and during an Irish General Election may influence the rigging of the market for waste in Dublin but are unlikely to be as influential with the EU's lawyers. 

From Macquarie's spin department via sparkspread and the Irish Independent:

  • Macquarie Capital, Covanta Energy and 'Project Liath'. 
  • €350m via third-party equity and senior and mezzanine debt. 
  • Covanta plans to invest between €100m and €150m of its own equity
 Macquarie Capital has begun trying to drum up interest in what its marketing literature labels 'Project Liath'. It's trying to help Covanta raise as much as €350m via third-party equity and senior and mezzanine debt. 
Macquarie has already undertaken preliminary marketing and next month (May 2012) it expects to provide a more detailed information memorandum as well as a financial model to pre-qualified parties.

The known risks of investing in a project possibly dictated to officials at Dublin City Council by The Drumcondra Mafia and the disgraced Bertie Ahern are not mentioned.  Such risks include future legal cases to investigate DCC-RPS 'massaging' the truth to mislead the public (Judge McKechnie) and the very dodgy incinerator procurement process which apparently violates EU Law on several fronts.  


Is it possible Macquarie represented any of the secret bondholders whose private bond debts were socialised by Bertie's buddies to the tune of €70 Billion in September 2008?

Questions on EU Law could be addressed to Macquarie in 'The City' in the UK:

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Financial InstutitionsLouis d'Alancon+44 20 3037 5228Email
IndustrialsMichael Tarrant+44 20 3037 2697Email
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