June 11, 2015

Ruairi Quinn Sells Out, Flees Incinerator. Dublin Bay Destroyed.

Property Description:

*** On View - Saturday 13th June 1pm - 2pm ***

Attractive double facing period residence with light filled socialist architect designed red door, a socialist Skoda and with once-delightfull views of Dublin Bay now destroyed by Labour-FG's gigantic incinerator sitting on the foreshore.

23 Strand Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4

€1,300,000             End of Terrace House


Now incinerator construction has started Ruairi Quinn is selling his main house on Sandymount Strand for €1.3 million. Being closest to the incinerator Quinn's house enjoys one of the best insights into how Labour & FG are destroying the "visual amenity" of Dublin Bay.   

Outstanding architect Ruairi Quinn and Enda Kenny/Hogan had covert meetings with Covanta senior management during the last general election.   Who knows what they spoke about.   During the election a Covanta agent held golf events at the K Club as legalised vehicles to fund FG's election campaign, with Hogan managing FG's election funds and Quinn managing Labour's election funds.  After winning the election Quinn raced across Sandymount Village in his Skoda to get a suitable bottle to celebrate.

After the election Hogan rewrote laws to enable the incinerator - an incinerator FG said they would stop.  Hogan promoted Mr Tierney from DCC's incinerator team to be head of Irish Water - thats after Tierney wasted €100 million on curious incinerator payments for land and 'consultants'.  After the elction Tierneys daughter got a job with one of the consultants in Perth, Australia.  FG & Labour are funding the incinerator with taxpayer money from bailed-out bankrupt Irish banks and with extorted pension funds.  With a doctorate in Governance Mr Tierney awarded a large water infrastructure contract to Mr [Redacted].  Mr {Redacted} also funds FG and enjoys a €100 Million write-off for the infrastructure company and below-market interest rates.  Money from the installed water-meters will fund bailed out bondholders - such as Mr [redacted] ? 

Ruairi is next expected to swap his socialist Skoda station wagon for a Bentley, as befits a wealthy family with widespread property ownership.  After being fired from the Labour leadership the honest politician can retire to his Galway Tent House.

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