June 23, 2008

DCC-DDDA & "The Big Lie"

Is this pattern consistent with The Big Lie(b)?

In early June 2008, at a "pre-statutory" or lawyer-driven PR-event, the DCC-DDDA senior project manager appeared to:
  • claim to have no knowledge as to how DCC-DDDA(a) now controls large areas of Sandymount-Strand conveniently labeled by a spin machine as "Poolbeg". This is the area of Sandymount on which DCC-DDDA created a toxic dump which compromises the health of residents at Sean Moore Road, and where it now plans the Waste-To-Toxics incinerator to pollute the air with unmonitored poisons and nano-particles. Is this consistent with The Big Lie(b)?
  • claim no conflict of interest between a financial player owning equity in the IGB site and the same financial player controlling the IGB planning permits. Is this consistent with The Big Lie?
How come a reporter for the Sunday Business Post provides more truth to the public than the DCC-DDDA senior project manager? Is this consistent with The Big Lie?

Banker Mobster Phil Leotarodo Faces Up To Developers
Jersey Shore

3 October 2006.
Offshore-offsite meeting out of public view held by DCC-DDDA and unknown others in Spain concerning Sandymount-Strand/Poolbeg.
Present: Anglo Irish Bank management (Bradshaw, Fitzgerald).
Present: Building Developers?
Present: Unknown others.
Excluded: The Public.
Evidence: Documents only partially released under Freedom Of Information Act.
Is this consistent with The Big Lie?

20 February 2007
DCC-DDDA's CEO Paul Maloney request to Environment Minister Dick Roche for DDDA to be given total planning control of massive portions of Sandymount-Strand/Poolbeg, bypassing Public Representatives & Bord Pleanala.
Purported Purpose: "to maximise the city population".
Is this consistent with The Big Lie?

Feb-April 2007.

Environment Minister Dick Roche gave DDDA total planning control of large portions of Sandymount-Strand/Poolbeg, bypassing Public Representatives & Bord Pleanala.
  • Environment Minister Dick Roche passively confirms premature deaths in Dublin City from the proposed incinerator (TD's Dail Question on Environmental Health impact was dismissed - see Board Pleanala or Dail transcripts).

DCC-DDDA Denies Facts To Public

DCC-DDDA refused to release a paper to the board from 3 October 2006 concerning the decision by the DDDA to bid for the IGB site because it "contains information of a commercially sensitive nature".
  • DCC-DDDA refused to release certain files related to its decision to bring massive portions of Sandymount-Strand/Poolbeg under the planning control of the DDDA because it would "cause a substantial and unreasonable interference with or disruption of the other work of the public body".
Frankie Kafka could not phrase it better.

(a) DCC-DDDA: DDDA and DCC are effectively the same entity, or two-sides-of-the-same-arse to use Scots-Barking MP George Galloway's phrase, and are summarised as DCC-DDDA.

(b) The Big Lie: "Die Engländer gehen nach dem Prinzip vor, wenn du lügst, dann lüge gründlich, und vor allem bleibe bei dem, was du gelogen hast!"


Facts Derived From Sunday Business Post (22 June 2008) believed to be accurate.
Observations & Corrections may be posted as comments or emailed to galwaytent@gmail.com


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