June 20, 2008

The Village People

Friends Promoting The Dublin Bay Incinerator
[Bord Pleanala, Croke Park, 19 April 2007.]

More Friends Promoting The Dublin Bay Incinerator

People In The Photo

  • Why has the DCC employee and promoter of the Dublin Bay Waste-To-Toxics incinerator spent a whole year wasting peoples time running what smells like a Village Design Statement charade?
  • Having already spent €19,000,000 of our money on a cynically one-sided and what the dogs in the street seem to view as a rigged series of Oral Hearings, why is his fellow promoter of the Dublin Bay Waste-To-Toxics incinerator now fighting Panda in court with more of our cash in an apparent attempt to recreate a monopoly to create cash-flow for foreign waste corporations?
  • By suggesting a timetable, what conversations is he apparently having behind closed doors with the allegedly independent EPA about the Dublin Bay Waste-To-Toxics incinerator?
  • Why is one of the lawyers in the photograph reported to have run a fund-raising or promotional event for presidential elections in a foreign country - the country in which the foreign Waste-To-Toxics (WTT) organisation has a HQ? This organisation has a record of fines, violations and lawsuits. Its two proposed WTT's for Dublin seem to be special entities incorporated in Luxembourg and in The Virgin Islands. What are they hiding or afraid of?
DCC-DDDA Bunker, Wood Quay:
"Who arranged the Village Design meeting precisely timed to match The European Cup Semi-Final on June 25, 2008 at 19:45?
Who, for the third time in a row selectively did not mail-drop local houses again? They deserve a medal."

"Can we blame the same Polish Plumber who also did not do the mail drop like we told her to do for the March 2008 meeting? Or was that for the DCC-DDDA Incinerator meeting at the GAA Sports Club, built on the dump? So unfortunate!

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