February 6, 2009

DDDA Developers Autocracy Big Lies

Galway Races, 2006

DDDA Developers Autocracy Big Lies

The DDDA Developers Autocracy seems to hinder and effectively block the free flow of information to the public whilst loudly claiming the opposite. Is this consistent with the Big Lie Technique - more politely called ‘spin’? A Trinity College research paper has interesting comments on the curious techniques used by organisations such as DDDA and Incinerator-Promoters-DCC when "engaging" and "consulting" with their targets, their esteemed public, in Ringsend.

The DDDA Developers Autocracy provides autocratic planning permission for Seanie's Anglo-Irish Bank.

Anglo's large stakeholders, including the landowners keep their names secret - why? The public can NOT contest this autocratic permission in any meaningful way.

The land in the 'docklands' for which DDDA is spinning is actually on Sandymount Strand; Dick Roach approved DDDA's land grab beyond the docklands and into Sandymount in 2007. The transfer of the public strand from the public to private companies during the 1990's is very curious and seems to have involved Allied Irish Bank using the cynical pretext of a sports ground. More than three hundred workers were fired in order to tidy up the Glass Bottle Factory site. Taxes are being increased to pay off the three hundred million Euro which Seanie, DDDA and Anglo-Irish Bank have lost at the IGB site.

Some of The Autocracy’s spin is below. Translate it yourself. If needed get some help from Ernst & Young, defenders of the public interest and the auditors for Seanie’s Bank. Price Waterhouse Coopers can provide any needed “consultation”, if you pay them, as they apparently have for DDDA and Anglo-Irish Bank.

Big Lie One
"The planning scheme has been prepared following engagement with all stakeholders, including the landowners, local communities, utility companies, state and semi-state bodies, over the period in advance of this formal public consultation phase," DDDA chief executive Paul Maloney said.

Big Lie Two
"We have also met with many of the residents from the Ringsend, Irishtown, Sandymount and Poolbeg areas, and the Docklands Council members to capture their vision for the area and understand their concerns. This consultation has been invaluable," he added.

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