July 26, 2009

20 Years of Sandymount-Ringsend Property Taxes to Pay for DDDAs Glass Bottle Site: €20,000 per house by 2020. NAMA, Commission on Taxation.

Feck Dem & Deir Bay

Twenty by 2020

€20,000 per house per year by 2020.

It looks like all of the property taxes on all of the houses in Sandymount and in Ringsend
accumulated over the next twenty years will be used to pay off the debts of speculator's at just ONE local site - the deliberately destroyed Irish Glass Bottle recycling plant(5).

Watch out for patriotic DDDA spinning a "strategic national interest fast-tracked" Poolbeg caper to "save the taxpayers" and, luckily, public service pensions for DDDAs friends and families.
  • Taxes will start at €1,500 and rise to €5,000 per house per year by 2015.
  • Taxes will be €20,000 per house per year by 2020 (for those not prematurely killed by John Gormley's Incinerator).
  • The Galway Tent Cartel will spin up some crony-experts to give the diktats to the Biffo and the Brian.
€20,000 per house per year by 2020.

  1. The bank controlling the show is famed Anglo-Irish Bank.
  2. The plannng department for Anglo-Irish Bank seems to be the Dublin Developers Autocracy (DDDA). There is no visible connection between the newest head of DDDA and Ulster Bank (confirms to Galway Tent good governance standards). There is no visible connection between the head of DDDA and Political Democrats (steel beams can not support the load).
  3. The concrete-pourer for Anglo-Irish Bank is something named BecBay, as Bertie's choice of Feck Dem & Deir Bay is inappropriate on the south side. A friend of Becbay is on the board of DDDA.
  4. The methods will be Galway Tent Cartel inventions called NAMA and the Commission on Taxation.
  5. This scenario was not denied by a former Finance Minister when postulated in early 2008.

Who stole the people's money?

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