July 14, 2009

The Purple & The Pinstripe.


The Purple & The Pinstripe.


The purple and the pinstripe
Mutely shake their heads

A silence shrieking volumes
A violence worse than they condemn

Stab you in the back yeah
Laughing in your face

Glad to see the place again
It's a pity nothing's changed


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Anonymous said...

The route to power involves sycophantic deference.


By Gene Kerrigan, July 26 2009

... the definition of the elite extends way beyond the office of the taoiseach to senior civil servants, academics, the professions, bankers and business leaders. At all levels, their leadership has been incompetent and politically reactionary.

Is it something in their schooling? Then again, the route to power -- in politics, academia, the civil service, business and banking -- involves sycophantic deference to those already at the top, rather than a democratic appeal to a wider base.

The priority for the bishops was to safeguard their power -- to the point of protecting the abusers of children. In business, it was the era of cute hoors, building small local dynasties. In politics, it was a time of placeholders. Then came Haughey -- a bright man who hadn't a new idea since the Sixties. He was a taker, and he took incessantly, lost in self-aggrandisement.

At the time, many within the elite -- in the professions, in politics, even in the Central Bank -- knew about the frauds.

There was no "tough decision" to confront this criminal assault on the republic. Instead, the health and education of the punters, the skulls, the eejits, bore the brunt. In a traumatised health service, people died prematurely, unnecessarily, cruelly.

Our "leaders" stood not with us but with the criminals. In some cases they were the criminals.

The police, as always when the elite are involved, found something else to do (jailing street traders was a biggie). If allegations can't be ignored, tribunals are set up -- to last years, costing millions, too often leading absolutely nowhere.

The huckster world will retain its privileges and its wealth. The same overpaid, under-taxed and spectacularly under-performing crew that brought us to this stage are in the process of rifling our pockets again -- protecting one another and, in the process, turning a crisis into a catastrophe.