October 2, 2009

Danger! Catholics! Zoe Developments Occupying Sandymount Strand.

As Vincent Browne may have implied on Thursday night, how come this type of caper only occurs in Catholic Countries?  

Zoe Developments currently occupies part of Sandymount Strand.

The esteemed company of Mr Carroll acquired the beach in a murky process, allegedly, from esteemed Allied Irish Bank.   If you go to the company HQ offices in Parnell Street opposite esteemed FAS you will get a hostile reaction.

Mr Carroll is allegedly ill.  In 1974 Mr Nixon was allegedly ill and later had a miraculous recovery.  Godverdom de Heer Nixon.

Zoe Developments apparently has blocked off public access to public land at its 'Fabrizia' spec-site on Sandymount Strand.

Both ZOE and the Cement Company (which illegally built a causeway on the beach) drove Ireland's economy into the buffers. 

Both have cameras watching you even when you are out walking your dog. 

Both will absorb local Sandymount-Ringsend house taxes of €10,000-€20,000 per house per year for each of the next thirty years to pay off their dodgy dealings, along with DDDA and Anglo Irish at  Irish Glass Bottle factory.  Mr Lenihan or his follower will secretively fund this private-speculation with taxpayer money in the NAMA scam.

ZOE has signs warning you to keep off the public land they are illegally occupying, allegedly.

Meanwhile ZOE is using the same lawyer as was used by Dublin City Council  to promote sticking an incinerator into Poolbeg.


Does such dodgy behaviour only occur in Italy, Belgium, Bavaria, Spain, Austria, Portugal and Ireland but not in Sweden, North-Holland, Finland, Baden-Württemberg or Norway?

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