October 11, 2009

Mr Gormley Incinerates Taxpayer Cash To Spy On Voters

Starting with the letter G how do you spell Traitor?

This weekend Mr Gormley sold out any remaining Green Party principles.  The result is a massive psuedo-criminal transfer of tens of billions of middle-class cash to the Galway Tent friends of Fianna Fail in the NAMA scam.

Even their spin of 'breaking even' after ten years will cost €38,000,000,000 in lost interest.  Add on the cost in jobs of diverting €38 billion from quality investments.  And add on the cost of people made homeless by the house-price-inflation-rigging required by NAMA for the 'break-even'.

In 2008, was Mr Greenwash using "permissible" taxpayer cash to spy on:

  • Who considers Mr Gormley to be a traitor on the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator?
  • Who's aware his department gerrymandered the local constituency?  And why?
  • Who knows about the Ringsend Glass Bottle Factory scam involving DDDA, Anglo-Irish Bank and now NAMA?

  • Who knows about local Property taxes needed over 30 years to pay just for IGB?
  • Knowledge of his Ministerial Pension pot?
  • How to spend €2000 on a Mercedes instead of a train?

Bali & Incineration

Following the research or spying it seems Mr Gormley is very afraid of the public.  He keeps away from meetings in his local constituency.

It's reported that many comments left on his facade of a website will be censored and not published.  It seems very apt that  searching for " Incinerator" on Mr Gormleys website"   [Oct 10, 2009] comes back with the highly appropriate 'No matching results'.   For a long time this website was dormant - following Mr Gormley's permissible trip to Bali.

Taxpayers paid for this spinning farce of a website.  Its an excellent leading-indicator of true Green Party ethics.


The Sunday Tribune has also obtained details of Gormley's domestic expense claims whilst a minister at the Department of the Environment in 2008 and as a TD in 2006.

In November 2008, Gormley claimed back €12,638 for some research he had conducted in his Dublin South East constituency with Red C, as part of his special secretarial allowance.

It is understood that this research related to attitudes to the Green Party and was entitled 'Party Review Qualitative Research October 2008'.

Gormley's spokesman said:
"This research was on political attitudes in Dublin South East to assist the minister in policy formulation. This expenditure is permissible under the expenditure guidelines and fully receipted."

In the same year, the minister also claimed €8,796 for a redesign of his website, with a further €169.40 spent on maintenance and registration.

Printing of leaflets cost more than €6,500 while distributing the 40,000 flyers around Dublin as part of a "constituency campaign" cost the taxpayer more than €4,500. 


More of Mr Gormley's incineration of taxpayer cash is here


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Greens in cloud cuckoo land

By Matt Dempsey. 17 October 2009 Edition


Farmers will have read the new Programme for Government shaped by the Greens with a mixture of amazement and intense irritation.

People should not have a problem with what is now very visibly an urban, intellectually inert party. Each section of society is entitled to its views but the antagonism shown to country dwellers is based on either ignorance or prejudice - it's hard to be sure which.

A few examples:

It is now Government policy to declare Ireland a GM-free zone. We have this policy when the price of Irish feed grains is at the lowest in money terms since 1976, 33 years ago. This is as a direct result of a succession of excellent maize harvests in the US - maize with GM technology is delivering annual yield increases of 4% to 5%. This is making EU, especially Irish, feed wheat and barley progressively less competitive. Non GM fine, but the corollary has to be that the EU market be insulated from imports produced with GM feed - no sign of that.

It was astonishing that the Greens did not mention the restoration of a meaningful REPS scheme. The REPS project surely encapsulated all that environmental enhancement should be about.

Similarly for the Greens to have zoned in on the successful badger culling scheme to control bovine TB is mind boggling.

British cattle in South West England are riddled with TB because of the British Green-induced confusion on TB in badgers.

The Department has managed this programme well. The Greens, until they have a real solution to TB in cattle, should keep out of the subject. Vaccination has been ''just around the corner'' for the last 10 years. The determination to end stag hunting continues despite the expensive, pointless legal cases.

If anyone expects a rapid move to bioenergy from the Programme for Government between the Greens and Fianna Fáil, forget it. Already, piles of harvested miscanthus are building up in farmers' sheds with no market; the oil seed rape for energy scheme has been a charade.

Any farmer thinking of investing in 'Green Energy' should do their sums carefully and, if it has anything to do with a State scheme, make sure an absolutely cast iron contract is in place, though we will have a carbon tax.

The only positive is a real commitment to forestry - though how sensible an insistence on native species and 30% broadleaf, for a commercial sector is questionable.

It is also noticeable from this agreement that it now seems that the only state subvention to Agriculture that will be made will be what is required to draw down EU funds. Where are the rural Fianna Fáil TDs?