February 12, 2010

DCC Untruths Exposed Again.

It seems Dublin City Council is arrogantly disregarding Judge McKechnie.  Massaging of the truth is still being placed into the public domain, misleading the public.

Dublin Council or its expensive agents have placed this Big Lie into the public domain.  Here's the Big Lie and the more likely full truth:

  • Big Lie: Dublin Local authorities currently send 735,000 tonnes of waste to landfill.
  • Truth: less than 300,000 tonnes are available to the Dublin local authorities.

Unacceptable Influence
"Massaging of reports by Matt Twomey, which were later, in their edited versions, released publicly, is a strong indicator to me of unacceptable influence in a process supposedly carried out in the public interest."  Judge McKechnie said in his unapproved judgment.  [Sunday Business Post]


Irish Times Letter, Feb 12, 2010.  Emphasis added.



Frank McDonald, in his excellent article (Opinion, February 11th) refers to the 735,000 tonnes of waste from Dublin that is currently sent to landfill. There is a common misconception that the four Dublin local authorities are charged with providing a facility to manage all of that waste.

In reality, the local authorities are only responsible for managing the waste that they collect and the latest data from their 2009 Annual Progress Report shows that they landfilled less than 300,000 tonnes of waste that they collected in 2008.

The private sector waste companies are responsible for management of the remaining waste and they are currently developing an incinerator and four Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) Plants in the Greater Dublin Area to manage the residual waste that they collect and own (as determined by the recent High Court judgment in the Panda case).

The required capacity to treat 735,000 tonnes per annum will be provided by a range of facilities and this will ensure that waste is managed in a competitive environment with obvious cost benefits for the public.

I hope this helps to clarify a rather complex situation, which we suggest has been over-simplified by Dublin City Council and their consultants. Our analysis confirms that the facility is needed, but at half the scale currently proposed.

– Yours, etc,
Technical Director,
SLR Consulting,
Dundrum Business Park,
Windy Arbour, Dublin 14.

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