March 13, 2010

Habitat Destruction Starts Beside Covanta's Poolbeg Incinerator

Some unidentified organisation is destroying the fresh water habitat beside Irish Town Nature Park.

Dublin Bay Habitat 
March 2010.  View From Proposed Incinerator 


Dublin Bay Habitat Being Destroyed.
March 2010.  Beside Proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.

EU taxpayers recently paid Ireland a very large sum of money to restore the wildlife & fauna habitat beside Irish Town Nature Park.  Unfortunately the wildlife resource is in The Banama Republic of Poolbeg.  So this past week the freshwater habitat was destroyed; hardcore is in place ready for to be covered in tarmac.  This is another taxpayer liability massaged out of public view by unaccountable institutions.

The habitat beside Irish Town Nature Park is an area controlled by Bertie's Buddies at Dublin Port Company & is the only local freshwater resource for wildlife, mainly seabirds.  The work which is possibly unlawful is being done in preparation for the proposed Covanta managed Poolbeg Incinerator, a waste to toxins facility. 

There is a history of ultra vires activity by Dublin Council & The Corpo in Poolbeg.  This march 2010 destruction of the freshwater resource is quite possibly ultra vires, just like DDDA's ultra vires approval for the nearby Anglo-Irish Bank headquarters. Any liabilities for habitat destruction will fall on taxpayers, a burden the incinerator promoters at DCC continue to disregard. 

February 2010 - Before Habitat Destruction.
Wildlife Obtaining Critically Endangered Fresh Water

February 2010 - Before Habitat Destruction.
Wildlife Obtaining Critically Endangered Fresh Water

The Light-bellied Brent Geese (Branta bernicla) were observed before the noisy construction machines moved in.  They were not observed during one March 2010 observation when the machines were generating large quantities of dust.  The noise was audible by humans from at least half a kilometre away, at surface level behind sound barriers. The reckless dust and noise possibly breaches planning permission conditions set by  Bord Pleanála's Inspector, Mr Thornton.

Brent Geese (Branta bernicla) are a conservation concern: Amber-listed (National, BoCCI), SPEC 3 vulnerable (Europe).

The following March 2010 photographs show hardcore being dumped on the freshwater habitat.  One worker is wearing a jacket with an "RPS" logo.  Expensive PR spins RPS to be an expert organisation with only the purest of independent and professional ethics. Is RPS too closely associated with an unaccountable institution and does this create a very serious serious problem for the Irish State?


Already the Board Pleanála condition on particulate pollution has been laughed at.

Many workers' number plates are from outside the Republic of Ireland meaning foreign governments are benefiting from payroll and business taxes funded by Irish taxpayers.  This is while the Irish State has been bankrupted by massive speculation across Poolbeg - reducing public sector pay and closing hospitals.

Identified taxpayer burdens imposed by the Galway Tent Cabal in The Banama Republic of Poolbeg include:
  • Dublin Docklands Developer Autocracy's Irish Glass Bottle Site: €500 Million.
  • Carroll Fabrizia Site: part of €2 Billion collapse.
  • Proposed Poolbeg Incinerator: billions in future health liabilities; €450 million in future contract penalties.
Was RPS via an alias, also involved in the farcical Poolbeg Sewage Facility?   Has the queen awarded RPS's finest engineers any charters for rendered propaganda services?  It's reported RPS's "consulting" has soaked taxpayers on the Poolbeg Incinerator for €25 million.  RPS's Rudden, a VP of Engineers Ireland is apparently placing massaged misinformation or possibly lies into the public domain.  Does this make Engineers Ireland just another of the Irish Institutions condemned by Niall Fitzgerald (Unilever, Reuters chairmanships)?  Of course it's only a lie if RPS is totally moxified after trips to head shops and has lost all professional engineering ethics.  So obviously Mr Rudden and RPS are not liars even if adjudged to be associated with massaged official reports: Mr Rudden and RPS have been taken advantage of by Dublin's public servants.  But what are they?  Ask Judge McKechnie and Niall Fitzgerald.  Or go to Covanta territory and set up a meet in Bada Bing with Toni Orlando or Toni Soprano or BIFFO or Bertie Ahern or Matt Twomey.

DCC was condemned in December 2009 by Judge McKechnie for working with RPS on the massaging of public information and for undue influence in a public process supposedly meant to benefit the public.  Does this mean that DCC and innocent victim RPS were lying through their teeth to the institutions of the Irish State? 


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