March 31, 2010

Dirty Bomb for Dublin.

Covanta Fingers Stoopid House-Persons for Explosion.

Imagine if the waste was a small radioactive device shielded by a propane cylinder.  Or something much more clever.  Dirty bomb for central Dublin, here we come.  This is mad speculation.  There is not any risk to human health from modern incinerators says Homer.


Have 'modern incinerators' been cleared by Homeland Security, DIA or anyone else? 

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SEMASS Explosion Heard in Tri-Town


10:01:26 am SEMASS Explosion Heard in Tri-Town

Several emergency calls from Rochester households reported a loud explosion in the area on Thursday evening, March 18, at 8:30 pm.

The explosion came from the area of the Covanta SEMASS shredding plant in West Wareham. According to Mark Davis from SEMASS, there was a shredder explosion.
“Propane is a problem at this time of year,” said Mr. Davis. “Instead of disposing of [propane tanks] properly, [residents] hide them in the trash.”

Mr. Davis said that they try to inspect all the trash, but if a small propane tank is hidden in a trash bag, it can go unnoticed.

The spark of the metal hitting the shredder, combined with the release of the propane gas, can cause an explosion like the one heard Thursday night.

The explosion was heard as far as Fairhaven. Luckily, the fire burned itself out almost immediately.

The cost of fixing the shredder “is not excessive” this time, said Mr. Davis, but he said that people should understand how dangerous it is to dispose of propane illegally.
By Anne O'Brien-Kakley
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Comment from: Albert Roos [Visitor]
03/20/10 @ 05:08
I am awaken daily by this facility from just general operation noise from back up alarms heavy equipment,trains and explosions that shake my home so bad it is if a bomb was dropped in my front yard.

There has to be some rules in place in the State of Mass.I know there is noise ordinance between certain hours of the night and week-ends.I intend to call every government agency available to me from the Attorney Generals office to the EPA,and DEP to find out what rights are.This facility should be shut down as far as I'm concerned. It sits in the middle of a residential area and should be relocated to some baron location. It and has no regards for the surrounding home owners and the impact it has on the community.

I am a Supervisor in the commercial construction industry and no way could I create the amount of noise pollution and disturbances this facility generates 24-7, There are laws in place and something has to be done about it.I am going to start a partition and get signatures from the surrounding community voicing there feelings about the operation hrs and noise that is generated from Seamass.I have been woken up again at 3.45 this morning and the quality of my life is effected daily by this business.

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Anonymous said...

the SEAMASS plant cant simply be shut down. a lot of people don't exactly understand that it produces electricity for THEIR HOMES. thats right, it's not just there to bother you. (something can be done about noise pollution, by the way). And didn't you noice the looming plant there when you bought the house? Is it that hard to notice?