April 1, 2010

Wasters Threatened by Covanta

Florida officials have stopped promoting recycling.  They cite the need to feed Covanta's waste-to-toxins incinerator to avoid massive financial penalties.  

Dublin City Councils keenest minds have a secret contract with Covanta - it is so clever and so honest they are afraid to tell taxpayers about it.


If Sweden's Curt Degerman had been in Florida he would have been out of business.

Published in Investing on 31 March 2010
Through investing, even a tramp can become a millionaire...
Earlier this week, news emerged of a remarkable man who managed to amass a sizeable fortune while living rough.

Curt Degerman, from the Swedish town of Skellefteå, died of a heart attack 18 months ago at the age of 60. Local people knew Degerman as a tramp that scraped together a living by collecting scrap metal and food and drink cans for recycling. For 40 years, he lived a solitary existence, rummaging through bins for recyclables and eating leftovers from fast-food restaurants.

However, after his death, it emerged that "Tin Can Curt" was an avid reader of the financial pages and an astute investor. By reading Dagens Industri -- the Swedish equivalent of the Financial Times -- in his local library, Degerman invested his collected deposits carefully. On his death, his fortune was estimated at more than £1.1 million.


Full article:   The Tale Of The Millionaire Tramp

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