April 1, 2010

Goggling Covanta. Compliance Reporting - Harrisburg.

Does Covanta no longer include pollution compliance in its monthly reports for its incinerator in Harrisburg, PA., USA?  If its true Covanta has stopped reporting pollution compliance then what is the reason?

(See allegation in comment pasted below from local newspaper's website.  The 3 month old comment has not been reported for abuse, so perhaps it is true.  Harrisburg is near Three Mile Island's famous Nuke).

Where is Covanta's iPhone Pollution App?

Why is the pollution data obfuscated in a stone-age PDF file in an obscure corner of a website when "innovative" Covanta boasts about its wonderful technologies?  Why is the pollution data not provided online in a visually friendly format?  

Surely Covanta's fine employees in New Jersey dump Covanta's stock after seeing the charts on their iPhones.  After such inspiration, surely Covanta's wonderful R&D outfit can enhance Covanta's reputation by making pollution data totally exciting or even scary, with friendly charts available to smart phones.  

Imagine: simply point your GPS enabled camera phone at a Convanta chimney stack and instantly get real-time sophisticated visualisations for deadly particulates, PM-1.0s, PM-2.5s, PM-10s, furans, dioxins, NOX, SO2, toxic metals, and the downstream chemical reactions of the whole toxic mess.  That's called Goggling Convanta.

A sound app could analyse the explosions from the gas cylinders in the middle of the night, deciding all by itself whether to dial 911 or 999 or RyanAir.

Another iPhone App could keep a running total for all pollution fines paid by Covanta.  Contrasted to the higher cost of actually correcting the core technology problems.

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Posted by hbgbill
December 08, 2009, 2:03PM
Sound environmental record? Why did the Authority budget for 2010 $1.7 million for air pollution violation and $75,000 for continuous emission monitoring violations? If the environmental compliance is so good, why does Covanta no longer include compliance in its monthly reports?

scroll down to Resource Recovery and compare pre-May 2009 with last six months.


Anonymous said...

Dude, or in your case Dud >>>

Can't you find anything more substantial to bitch, piss and moan about? If they really are the evil giant, then there should be something more than what are they doing on the iPhone?

If you really are interested in their compliance issues, then check the State run Department of Environmental Compliance, or whatever it is called in that state >>>

Get some substance!

The Galway Tent said...


Are you a Covanta human resource?

You seem to have an issue with Covanta publishing live pollution data on easily available formats - smartphones, PC browsers.

Just imagine being able to point your smartphone at a Covanta stack emission and being able to see what pollution is being inflicted on the world in real time.

Of course any company with a record of pollution fines is unlikely to do this. PDF files designed to convey zero information are "good enough for government work", and jackass state-run websites. If an operation is above board why obfuscate the facts in disingenious slices of tables?

Anonymous said...

Dud Dude, give the Covanta woman a chance.

At Convanta, its Dublin or Baghdad to put food on the table.

Convanta's Woman or man of equal opportunity African America where no-blacks-no-dogs-no-Irish are confined to a cheap hotel on the edge of Dublin's northside, where the people are kind and know about "New Jersey Ethics". If she goes out drinking she'll be arrested. So she visits head shops dreaming about former glory days in Bada Bing with toni orlando across the desk. Just ask Carly.

Anonymous said...

Covanta Hot Button

Dedicated Human Resource Beavering on a Polluted New Jersey Sunday Afternoon.

You can almost see Manhattan. 3 miles away, denied to the bridges and tunnels crew. No wonder they take it out on Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey convantege fockers bribing & polluting Hawai'ii and California. Go back to Palermo and get arrested. Italy and Springsteen deserve better.