September 2, 2010

Irish Government Approves Illegal HQ for Bankrupt National Traitor.

Go Ahead Lads.
Unlawful Anglo-Irish Bank HQ.

National gombeen Anglo-Irish-'Bank' started to build an illegal HQ on the Liffey.  Whilst claiming to be a bank, and whilst allegedly cooking its books with aid from other 'banks' and the Financial Regulator, the esteemed property speculation company used their captive Dodgy Dublin Developers Autocracy (DDDA) department to rubber-stamp an illegal building permit.

Today, the esteemed Irish institution An Bord Pleanála, full of totally honest directors appointed by the Drumcondra Mafia, retro-actively approved the illegal building permit for the bankrupted banks desired HQ.  

The 'developer' ZOE/Caroll who allegedly worked with DDDA to get the dodgy contract, is also bankrupt.  That 'developers' assets have been offloaded by the Drumcondra Mafia onto taxpayers at a cost of the order of €3 Billion in the NAMA scam.

Anglo-Irish Bank's scams will cost Ireland at least €70 Billion in direct property debts and in indirect lost opportunity costs from the crippling of venture capital to 2020 and beyond.  

Proportionately scaled up, Anglo-Irish Bank's scams are equivalent to $10 Trillion in USA terms, or ten Eye-raki wars.  

An Bord Pleanála is doing a mighty fine job.  Mission accomplished.

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