August 31, 2010

Covanta Buys Trade Unions in Canada (Poolbeg Incinerator)

Covanta Job Promises in Canada. Covanta Job Threats in Dublin.  

Tamanny Hall, Vancouver, Canada: In British Columbia, Covanta is working with the totally honest leaders of a trade union. Covanta is using job promises to get the union to lobby for waste-to-toxins incineration. Even the New Jersey mafia would agree this is all legal. 

Lawbreaker Covanta was chosen by undue-influence-DCC to operate the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator in a secret contract, a contract which is being used to blackmail taxpayers. Covanta's agents in corrupt Ireland seem to be using the US Ambassador to create investment threats and local TDs for lies about jobs.  If successful Covanta stands to grab and export €750 million of Irish money to New Jersey or to offshore tax havens, perhaps via the US Virgin Islands.

Front and centre at public consultations in the run-up to the hotly-contested Metro [incinerator] vote was Mark Olsen, business manager for the Construction and Specialized Workers Local 1110, speaking on behalf of the Coalition of BC Building Trades Unions.

Building Trades Unions's Olsen pulled no punches, pitching hard for a mass burn incinerator proposed at Gold River [near Vancouver] by Covanta Energy of New Jersey.
In Covanta’s case, the agreement offered vital lobbying leverage, providing a new and Canadian public advocate for a firm that is new to the province. Although the municipality of Gold River and the Muchalaht First Nation both endorsed the project, [Building Trades Union] Olsen and his 50 supporters gave Covanta a big profile at public meetings in Metro [Vancouver] and garnered significant media coverage.

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