August 18, 2011

Playing Golf links FG,TD Hogan, Covanta, Sarah Carey & Poolbeg Incinerator?

Another link between TD Hogan, Golf and FG funding?  This time via Sarah Carey who resigned from the Irish Times.

Unless someone has hacked her honourable name it seems Sarah Carey has popped up on The Irish Economy.  She writes in the section where Covanta-DCC spin for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator influences the discussion.  Have the PR teams working for DCC and Covanta now recruited ex-Irish Times Carey?  Unelected DCC officials are reported to have spent €120 million so far, with at least €30 million going to 'consultants'. 

TD Hogan decides on the Poolbeg Incinerator:

BIFFO played golf with Seanie.   



Prime Time

O’Callaghan to S Carey:
“One last question about yourself: the report also found that you used your Fine Gael connections to put you at the centre of a number of substantial donations of cash from Denis O’Brien to Fine Gael, and in particular it quotes one letter from you to Phil Hogan, and I’m just, it’s, very briefly because I think it says a lot about connections.

It goes: ‘Dear Phil, please find enclosed a draft for the golf on the 16th’ – this is to be a Fine Gael fundraiser – ‘I understand Denis O’Brien has requested that there are no references to be made to his contribution at the event. Best of luck on the day’. Doesn’t that just say to people watching Sarah Carey, powerful people buying influence?

ESRI received funding from DCC for the ESRI  report which by happy coincidence seems to align nicely with DCC's expensive spin.   A judge condemned DCC's spin.

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