September 6, 2011

Covanta Agent Sarah Carey - Poolbeg Incinerator

 Sarah Carey In The Big Lie Campaign

If incineration is beneficial why do the promoters spend millions on a Big Lie campaign? 

 Sarah Carey, a fired Irish churnalist, now seems to be working to Covanta's agenda.   With zero domain expertise she popped up out of her blue-shirt to support incineration on an ESRI blog, a blog with a history of "spinning" for the Poolbeg Incinerator.   Comments on that blog, including observations directly sourced from Irish newspaper articles about Sarah Carey were censored after censorship was denied.  

Covanta admitted it has agents in Ireland but declined to name them. Covanta has a 20 year record of fines for breaking US pollution law. Unelected and unseen officials at DCC have funded the ESRI to spin for the Poolbeg Incinerator. 

Sarah Carey & The Actual Lie
Sarah Carey is directly linked to Phil Hogan, Ireland's Environment Minister.  Mr Hogan is currently rewriting Irish law following Covanta's reported funding of Fine Gael in 2010 before the general election.  By happy coincidence the rewrite facilitates Covanta.
  Sarah Carey admitted lying to a judge at Ireland's mobile phone licensing tribunal.   She claims it was not perjury as she was not under oath.   The Irish Times fired her, eventually.  She's now on Newstalk, an Irish radio station funded by the billionaire who by another happy coincidence won the mobile phone licence being investigated by the tribunal.  And she's been at the pulpit on TV3 with Hogan. 

Carey ended up "in the car park of the Four Courts with a senior counsel telling me that by denying the leak I had obstructed the tribunal, which was a criminal offence and that I could be jailed".

Obviously the bishops running Ireland approve Carey being moved from The Irish Times to her new parish.



Toni's Con Vantages book on the NJ waste industry is being written at Bada Bing.

Carey, Hogan & "Golf"

BIFFO played golf with Seanie.  Fine Gael can besht that.

9th October, 1995,Dear Phil [HOGAN]
Please find enclosed a draft for the Golf on the 16th.
I understand Denis has requested that there are no references made to his contribution at the event.
Best of Luck on the day!
I’ll give you a call soon
Yours sincerely
Sarah Carey
Marketing Co-ordinator. (ESAT Mobile Phone Co.].

Phil Hogan At Mobile Phone Tribunal

Mr Hogan is currently rewriting Irish law which by happy coincidence facilitates Covanta.   

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