October 2, 2011

Covanta Payoff for Funding Fine Gael = Poolbeg Incinerator

FG's Dr Tormented Is Desperately Shilling for Covanta?

Why is a city councillor who claims to be a doctor and "specialist in chemical pathology" not doing his utmost to prevent Covanta operating in Ireland? 


By supporting lawbreaker Covanta, Dr Tormented is supporting the export of €900 Million to Covanta in Luxembourg or in the Caribbean.  And he supports the potential billions in health damage done to the people of Dublin.  Luckily any health damage and premature deaths caused by an environmental lawbreaker create a lucrative market for health care professionals.

Its widely reported that a Covanta agent in Ireland legally used The Galway Tent  K Club Golf Tournaments to route undisclosed sums of cash to Fine Gael.  Before the 2011 general election Covanta met with soon-to-be ministers Quinn and Hogan.  So is it any surprise that Fine Gael's Dr Tormented, a lowly FG councillor, is on board with Covanta's needs? 

"we [Fine Gael?] are continually exhorting them [Covanta] to resume construction but it is unlikely that it will happen till next year."- Dr Tormented's Blog.

Everyone knows that international banks and Covanta are mighty fine corporate citizens.  Dr Tormented seems to claim that Covanta needs to be helped in its desperate need to borrow cash from these banks and indicates that FG's Hogan will re-write Irish laws to create "certainty" for Covanta and these international banks in the proposed Poolbeg waste-to-toxins scam.  

Since 2011 Fine Gael has been implementing the traitorous FF policy of bankrupting Ireland by exporting Irish taxpayers money to bail out German, American, Dutch, UK and French banks.  These banks gambled  by investing £520 Billion with Seanie's Anglo-Irish, Allied-Irish, First-National and the rest of the inbred cabal.  The international banks know that corrupt Irish governments will always bail them out.  So where is the alleged business risk for Covanta bankers?


Covanta, formerly known as Ogden, is a company which has repeatedly and illegally released dioxins and other unknown chemical compounds into the air in New Jersey & Connecticut & elsewhere.  

Why is a doctor who claims to be a "specialist in chemical pathology" not doing his utmost to prevent Covanta operating in Ireland? 

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