September 27, 2011

Mary Kelly: Bord Pleanala Appointed Irelands Finest

Ireland's financial regulator shows the damage done to Ireland by the inbred crony cartel.  Has England's RPS covertly hijacked Engineers Ireland reputation to publish one-sided bias on incineration?  Has DCC paid ESRI to spin one-sided bias on incineration?  Are Bórd Pleanála and EPA in the same camp?  

 EPA & Bord Pleanala's "Utterly Compromised" Kelly?

In June 2011, Mary Kelly was appointed as chairman of An Bord Pleanála.   She comes from the apparently highly dysfunctional EPA which approved the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator in 2007 just a few days after Bord Pleanala, by black magic, and before the EPA Hearings in 2008!  As there is no question of brown envelopes why was this done?

Kelly was appointed under the watch of Fianna Gael's TD Hogan.  Hogan's FG is reported to have received cash from the New Jersey lawbreaker contracted by Dublin City Council for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.  This cash greatly helped FG to win control of Dáil Éireann.

Bord Pleanala (BP) already has an "ex" employee from the English consulting outfit RPS on its Board.  In 2007 the board over-ruled the BP inspector.  


The Green Party spent its years in opposition hammering the Agency, its activities, its Directors, and its Director-General, Mary Kelly.
Mary Kelly is a former Assistant Director, with responsibility for environmental policy, of the employers’ group, IBEC.  She was reappointed Director-General this year in spite of the Green Party’s opposition to the initial appointment which was said to have come following an interview process which attracted an unusually low average calibre of applicant. At the time, Trevor Sargent publicly suggested that the appointment “utterly compromised” the EPA as she was “too close to businesses”. In a telling insight into the power of the Greens in Government, it’s said that the Greens approved the reappointment because they were afraid that someone worse would otherwise be selected.

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