March 23, 2012

Bishop Hogan's Vingince On Traitor Gormley.

Dodder at Lansdowne DART Station.

2012: "Vingince"
By Bishop Hogan.

Bishop Hogan remembers that green traitor who voted to make Paddy pay for bondholder gambling in Ireland by the pension funds of Deutsche Bank, Porsche AG, Siemens GmbH, Daimler Benz GmbH and BASF of the cyclone chemicals.  And don't ever again mention the €10,000 and more allegedly paid legally by Covanta to Hogan's FG for a Poolbeg Incinerator Four Ball in the K Club.

Stab City Backbone.
Ich Liebe Der Schwarzwald. 

Flooding will increase in Ballsbridge once the 'engineers' and 'planners' have finished converting the flash-flood Dodder into a brutalist canal.  Replanting the chopped-down forests in the Dublin mountains and restoring the historic floodplains west of Ballsbridge does not create enough brown-envelope opportunities.

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