March 27, 2012

Moriarty Tribunal, Fine Gael Money & Poolbeg Incinerator

If you give piddling amounts of money to Fine Gael you may gain billions.  Two examples:
  • Mobile Phone Licence.  
  • Poolbeg Incinerator. 

Fine Gael Money & Mobile Phone Licence
Once upon a time a man wanted a mobile phone licence and Fine Gael was given a lot of money.  Golfing pretexts at the K-Club were used.  The man was not a Russian Oligarch and did not murder 50 managers in any Aluminium Wars nor buy any football clubs, did he?  The Moriarty Tribunal investigated and condemned the carry-on.  The people involved include TD Hogan, humanitarian Dennis O'Brien and fired journalist Sarah Carey.  FF used the Galway Tent.  FG uses the exclusive K-Club.  

After the donations to FG the man was awarded a mobile phone licence for Ireland and became a Billionaire after leaving Ireland because of the capital gains tax.

Fine Gael Money & Poolbeg Incinertator 
More recently Covanta is reported by a newspaper to have legally given at least €10,000 to Fine Gael, either directly or through an estate agent.  Golfing pretexts at the K-Club were used.  The total of all amounts given to Fine Gael are secret.  As are Covanta's meetings during the General Election with Ruari Quinn and Hogan/Kenny, funders for their parties.

The people involved in funding FG include TD Hogan.  And by pure coincidence Sarah Carey - who lied to the Moriarty Tribunal - popped up on Tol Pot's blog to share her deepest expertise on the Poolbeg Incinerator.  After finally conceding the highly esteemed ESRI was biased by its DCC paymaster Tol Pot took the noon stage to Brighton .  In 2009 both RPS and DCC were ruled by Judge McKechnie to have mislead the public by massaging the truth.  But perhaps they were telling no untruths.  Hopefully the President of Engineers Ireland was not simply kowtowing to truthful Bertie.  Its possible the Drumcondra Mafia are among the cute hoors pushing the absurd Poolbeg Incinerator.  Whats another Billion?

Hogan at Tribunal Investigating FG Money & Mobile Phone Licence

Covanta's agent has been rewarded by Environment Minister Hogan.  Immediately after the privately funded election Mr Hogan started rewriting Irish law to create a Stalinist private-monopoly-market for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.  Even the Camorra don't have such influence over Naples's waste.

For just a few shillings Covanta now stands to gain one or two Billion, for export out of bankrupted Ireland to a Caribbean tax haven via Luxembourg or The Netherlands.


Its also reported Hogan tried to shut down the Moriarty Tribunal.  And he has also placed a large multimedia message beside the Irish Glass Bottle site threatening people to pay the new 'household' tax specially created to fund the bailout of gambling German and French pension funds.  These gamblers helped Anglo-Irish Bank and DDDA waste €500 Million at the IGB site.

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