May 2, 2008

EPA: 6,000 violations at Covanta Incinerator in 2 Years

(aka Covanta)

is cited by the EPA with over 6,000 permit violations at its 2,300 tons/day municipal waste incinerator in Indianapolis,Indiana.

Start-Up Date: November 1988
Permit violations: June 1989 to May 1991
Owner & Operator: Ogden Martin Systems of Indianapolis
Pollution Controls: Dry Scrubbers, Baghouse
Boiler Manufacturer: Riley Stoker
Builder: J.A. Jones Construction Company
Air Pollution Controls: Environmental Elements Corporation

EPA counted a total of 6,000 violations of Ogden Martin’s incinerator permit limits during a 2 year period from 1989 to 1991 at Ogden’s incinerator in Indianapolis.

Among the violations: Ogden Martin bypassed their pollution controls - scrubbers and baghouse - 18 to 20 times. Ogden’s incinerator had 27 boiler tube failures within one year.

According to an interview with Jeff Stant, the Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC), the US EPA, the State of Indiana, the City of Indianapolis and HEC, are all currently involved in an official capacity in an enforcement action which is aimed at Ogden Martin’s poorly operated Indianapolis incinerator.


Anonymous said...

Although requested by the European Environment Bureau, there is no requirement for health related surveillance of incinerators in the licensing arrangements.

In Ireland the Health Research Board report of March 2003 has stated that we do not have either the manpower or the facilities to support such a surveillance system.

Anonymous said...

Question: What about when dioxin goes up for 4 hours?

Gunnar Kjaer commented that you cannot monitor dioxin.

Dublin Waste to Energy - Information Day
3 April 2004

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