May 28, 2008

Judge Swoops On Incinerator Bosses

"Fuhgeddaboutit! No really Frankie, you keep the f*#kin' money!"
(AGI) - Naples, 27 May, 2008

Under house-arrest this morning, ordered by the Investigating Magistrate of Naples Court:
  • Andrea Orazio Monaco - Caivano Incinerator Boss;
  • Elpidio Angelino - Giugliano Incinerator Boss;
  • Domenico Ruggiero - Battipaglia Incinerator Boss;
  • Pasquale Moschella - Santa Maria Capua Vetere Incinerator Boss;
  • Silvio Astronomo - Casalduni Incinerator Boss;
  • Alessandro Di Giacomo - Pianodardine Incinerator Boss.



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Shakedown to savagery, squalor and shame

July 5, 2008

In the wake of a historic win against the Mafia, Paola Totaro visited the headquarters of the feared Camorra.

The shops and windows of Casal di Principe are closed, their metal security shutters sealed against the searing summer heat. Dust rises and settles in the wake of the occasional passing car, plastic shopping bags inflate with the hot wind and career down empty streets like tumbleweeds in a town of the old west.

In the main piazza of this godforsaken town at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, about 25 kilometres north-west of Naples, old men sit on white plastic chairs, smoking and sipping coffee under a dilapidated umbrella. Guarded looks are exchanged, a language spoken without words. Around the corner, at Bar Roxy on Via Dante, it is business as usual, too.

There is not a flower or a card to mark that here, just days ago, a local waste disposal businessman, Michele Orsi, 47, was gunned down in daylight. Eighteen bullets were pumped into the footpath and surrounding walls and shutters. Two exploded his abdomen and chest; a third, between the eyes, finished him off. It happened days before a 10-year investigation, codenamed Spartacus, led to the sentencing of 12 Casalese clan bosses to a total of more than 700 years' jail. Orsi's execution, the third in less than a month, signalled that the Camorra would not surrender without a fight.

This is a war to protect a global empire, a commercial leviathan that took 30 years to create and that Italian anti-Mafia investigators and magistrates estimate turns over €30 billion a year (about $50 billion).

The empire of the Casalese Camorra is a vast, unimaginably complex network of construction and transport businesses, of factories that make cement - not for Hollywood Mafia-style shoes - but for roads, houses, even a local prison. Its consortia of illicit waste disposal conglomerates alone are said to turn over $1 billion a year.