October 9, 2008

DDDA & Gormleymander & Deception

The revolving door Fonctionaires in John Gormley's DDDA subsidiary have further committed taxpayers to the tune of €36 Million plus interest plus risk at IGB.

In June 2008, an egregious Gormleymander was fixed to expand DDDA's land grab into Sandymount. This curiously silent scheme was executed just a year after the DDDA's empire was expanded by Dick Roach to include Sandymount Strand. Swiftly after the empire's land grab, DDDA seems to have launched what appears to be a classic & expensive Big Lie public relations campaign curiously labelled as public consultation. This may not necessarily be a deliberate public deception campaign. However, has the public been deceived?

During the so-called public consultation in June 2008 it seems DDDA omitted its plans for shoebox flats. An innocent little mistake anyone could make. In September 2008, DDDA selectively disclosed drawings for masses of sixteen floor rabbit-hutch flats situated on top of a Waste-To-Toxics incinerator on the protected Sandymount seashore (violating Irish & EU standards).

Possibly for future Supreme Court reasons this possibly deliberate or possibly innocent omission was addressed by giving some crayoned plans to a small number of selected public-insiders, complete with roads onto Sandymount Strand curiously disguised as innocent green space running between the massive rabbit-hutch complexes. Curiously these drawings are not on DDDA's curious website. Very curious.

DDDA splashes the public transport system with expensive advertising. The Big Lie technique advertises its Urban Beach, a cynical replacement for the beach liberated from the public at Sean Moore Road.

In contrast to its brass-necked public consultation, DDDA has not used its multi-million taxpayer funded PR budget to inform the public with copies of these drawings. So, if DDDA is not fully informing the public, who is the beneficiary?


Anonymous said...

When ... debate was over, Minister for the Environment and Green leader John Gormley arrived in an empty chamber, having found a fig leaf. He was there to talk about boundary changes in the Sandymount area of his constituency.

John and his colleagues are staying in Government, no matter what. They can already see the fruits of their continuing collaboration with Fianna Fáil - bicycles, light bulbs and yesterday, another breakthrough.

Free monkey nuts in the Dáil canteen.

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Anonymous said...

Certainly looks like Gormley left the gerrymandering to Humphreys on this one.

It couldn't have worked out better for him, especially as his three colleagues will be fighting extremely hard to maintain their seats; this will allow him to swan in and set himself up for the GE in however many years time.
so depending on your point of view, yes this could be the worst possible outcome for the party, but not for Kevin!


Anonymous said...

Based on John Gormley's own words, he is possibly the greatest hypocrite in Irish politics:

On Planet Bertie there's a strange cult called Fianna Fáil, a type of religion without vision or values; and every year in August they go on their annual pilgrimage to one of their sacred sites, the tent at the Galway races, where they pay homage to their gods and the gods bestow them with gifts for doing their bidding.