August 15, 2009

Can Anyone Top Sean's Record? [Anglo-Irish Bank, DDDA, NAMA]

Seanie did a mighty fine job at Anglo-Irish Bank and at the Dublin Docklands Developer's Autocracy (DDDA).

Give it a go. If you have no skills and no ethics and experience in a Nasty Assets Monkey Autocracy please apply for a NAMA job.

DDDA has been a test-bed for NAMA. Both DDDA and NAMA are controlled by the Galway Tent Cartel. Both operate in secret, immune to the spirit of freedom of information. Both are autocracies.


Anonymous said...

“Government-owned asset management companies appear largely ineffective in resolving distressed assets, largely due to political and legal constraints.” IMF Report.

Anonymous said...

George Bernard Shaw said it best, "a government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support Paul"