August 25, 2009

Green Party Worse Than Fianna Fail

Allegedly the Green Party was out telling 'lies' about the Poolbeg Incinerator before the last election, according to comments from senior people employed to promote the incinerator.

More Green Party Spin consistent with The Big Lie includes:
  • The Green Party is not currently educating the Dublin public about potential Poolbeg Incinerator pollution.
  • The Green Party is not currently demanding baseline Dublin health studies for the general Poolbeg area, and preferably for all of Dublin.

The Pontious Pilate and 'lying'(a) Green Party is now worse than Fianna Fail. At least everyone knew what to expect from Fianna Fail, run by The Galway Tent Cartel(b). The Greens have set back the credibility of environmental issues in Ireland by decades.
(a) 'possibly' lying, maybe just green between the ears. (b) Current Galway Tent project: NAMA's €90,000,000,000 of taxes and the €490,000,000,000 guaranteed by taxes.

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