August 17, 2009

Covanta Incinerator Leaves Land Polluted with Dioxins, Arsenic, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

When Covanta leaves toxins and destroyed wildlife at an Incinerator site in the USA why would anyone rely on the New Jersey outfit in Ireland? Apart from the patriotic Fianna Fail and Green cronies of the Galway Tent Cartel.

The Massachusetts site [1] was simply buried in three feet of soil because that was the cheapest option!

It seems Covanta dodged any responsibility for cleaning up after its waste-to-toxins incineration caper. The local state had to pay up for the cheaper-is-better pollution containment. Perhaps Covanta gave a few shekels to the local advertising-desperate-press for some of the usual spin. Perhaps not. No doubt Covanta's lawyers ensured they stuck to the letter of the law.

Here's a cynical spin sample from the paper:

teenagers with hammers
"built a safe place for gardening
because neighbors told us
that's what they wanted".

They call the result Covanta Park, an awesome version of Dublin's polluted Sean Moore Park (Sandymount Dump Park). Who needs EPA professionals when you have gutsy all-American teenagers with hammers!

Other spin words include
  • Special Needs People
  • Green Team
  • Pavilion in a Rainbow of Colors
  • Garden beds beautify former trash incinerator site

How many of the Special Needs People are handicapped because of the pollution floating in the air before they were born?

[1] Merrimack Valley, MA., USA. August 05, 2009.

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