November 5, 2008

Sandymount Sold Down The River Liffey By Labour?

Sandymount Sold Down The River Liffey By Labour?

Labour's Role in the Gormleymander of Sandymount.

Has Councillor Humphreys been working with FF's Green Party and Sinn Fein to carve up Sandymount?


Councillor Humphreys provides a series of excellent arguments. First he clearly shows the damage created by a gerrymander. Then he moves on to the oxymoronic conclusion that this justifies carving up the historic Village of Sandymount.

Chinese style planning in Sandymount
Basically Councillor Humphreys seems to strongly support Sandymount being taken over by the anti-democratic Dublin Docklands Developers Authority. Because Sandymount was secretly added to the DDDA empire, in the dictatorial FF manner, the Councillor seems to be on board with the sophisticated strategic DDDA team players in their agenda to wedge Sandymount into their inner city brand, going forward. Councillor Humphreys seems to be an enthusiastic proponent of applying Chinese Section 25 planning to Sandymount.

Pejorative Big Lies
Councillor Humphreys motives are perhaps hinted at by his political use of the word affluent, a pejorative term often cynically applied to Sandymount(a). This appears to be similar to Dublin City Council's apparent usage of the equally pejorative Dublin 4 when spinning in the media for the Waste-To-Toxins incinerator. Hasn't President Bush adopted similar divide & rule politics to further vested interests such as Haliburton?

Zero Leadership
What results have local politicians actually achieved - for the public as opposed to themselves - on the most important local issue, the proposed Poolbeg Waste-To-Toxins incinerator? Pro-forma submissions to rigged Oral Hearings are not something to boast about. Most local politicians, especially the FF-Greens, have provided zero local leadership. This total lack of effective leadership to unite the people of Sandymount, Ringsend and Irishtown on the most important local issue is very curious. The gerrymander seems to prove this opinion.

The actual outcomes achieved by politicians in 2007 & 2008 are:
  1. Autocratic Chinese style planning in Sandymount, Ringsend & Poolbeg
  2. Gormleymandered division of Sandymount
  3. An ah sure we did our best Waste-To-Toxins incinerator.

Councillor Humphreys Words Translated From The Original Nederlands

Councillor Humphreys Double Dutch:
Agencies like the HSE and the Drug Task Force operate across the entirety of the SEIC ward and separating this ward will make it more difficult for the synergy of services needed to combat the distinct challenges facing the community

Carving up Sandymount means the HSE can take money from Sandymount people and give the money to drug-addicts in the inner-city. Old people in Sandymount can now go whistle for a district nurse or for home care. The drug-dealers can develop houses in Sandymount, no questions asked; just cash.


Councillor Humphreys Double Dutch:
Dublin Dockland Development Authority remit on the south side of the City covers the Pembroke East … This interaction the DDDA fosters is creating a common identity within the Docklands and its hinterland that is binding the communities together, creating a community spirit.

Councillor Humphreys fully supports DDDA's land-grab into Sandymount and fully supports Fianna Fail's Dick Roach who apparently signed off on this feat in 2007. Furthermore Councillor Humphreys seems to fully support the expensive campaign of Big Lies from the DDDA – Big Lies used solely to benefit The Galway Tent banks and building developers.

Councillor Humphreys Double Dutch:
It is integral that the current composition of the SEIC ward remains intact.

Breaking up these areas will diminish the Councils capacity to co-ordinate efficiently.

If the is carved up again it will hinder an agency like X from operating in an efficient manner.

Interaction between elected officials and the Gardai has increased .. It makes no sense to split the jurisdiction.

This area would be best represented if it was left consolidated, instead of being marginalised in a larger area.

Councillor Humphreys seems to fully supports dis-integrating, breaking up, carving up, splitting, dis-intermediating and marginalising Sandymount.


Councillor Humphreys Double Dutch:
Move Pembroke East B [half of Sandymount] ... which [is] part of the hinterland of the Docklands and would be more appropriately placed in the X ward due to the development of the Poolbeg Peninsula by DDDA under section 25 of the planning act.

Councillor Humphreys absolutely seems to fully support Chinese style authoritarian planning in Sandymount.

(a) The Galway Tent's rigging of local house prices means only drug dealers trading in the SEIC can now afford to buy houses in Sandymount.

(b) SEIC


Anonymous said...

FF can gormleymander the historic Village of Sandymount. Meanwhile in BIFFO's Village:

"The members of Tullamore Town Council agree to request the Local Government Boundary Commission to recognise the need to retain Tullamore Town as a single electoral unit and to assert its primary as County town and Linked Gateway town within the greater Tullamore Electoral Area".

Anonymous said...

Tullamore Population per councilor:

Dublin population per councillor is > 10,000.

Anonymous said...

Last Updated: Friday, November 21, 2008, 18:10
The list of charges includes allegedly bribing councillors Sean Gilbride, Cyril Gallagher, Jack Larkin, Tony Fox, Tom Hand, Don Lydon, Liam Cosgrave and Colm McGrath
Frank Dunlop in court on 16 corruption charges

Former lobbyist and Fianna Fáil election agent Frank Dunlop has appeared in a Dublin court on 16 charges relating to corruption.

Mr Dunlop was arrested at 12.10 today, Dublin District Court 44 was told during a five-minute hearing in front of Judge Cormac Dunne this afternoon.

Mr Dunlop (61) will be sent forward to the next sitting of the Circuit Criminal Court.

He was served with the charges by officers from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) after being arrested at Harcourt Terrace Garda Station in Dublin city centre.

The court was told that, when charged, the former government press secretary replied: “We always knew this day was coming and I will not be contesting the charges."

The list of charges includes allegedly bribing councillors Sean Gilbride, Cyril Gallagher, Jack Larkin, Tony Fox, Tom Hand, Don Lydon, Liam Cosgrave and Colm McGrath, by handing various specified and unspecified amounts of money in an attempt to secure their votes in rezoning land at Carrickmines in the early 1990s.

Sums of money between £1,000 and £3,000 were allegedly handed over to then members of Dublin City Council in places such as Conway's pub, close to the council's offices on O'Connell Street, Buswells Hotel, the Davenport Hotel and at St John of God's.

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Anonymous said...

The trading sector of the economy and the new unemployed are hung out to dry while IBEC, the Big Unions, the Farmers, the Construction Industry of Ireland, and Labour will be in the partnership tent with the Irish Peronists, all pissing from inside, out on their victims, totally oblivious to the storms that are going to rip their canvass covers away and truly expose how tiny, impotent and sterile, their assets are.