November 21, 2008

Energy Answers Big Lies

Energy Answers and Big Lies

" Die Engländer gehen nach dem Prinzip vor,
wenn du lügst, dann lüge gründlich,
und vor allem bleibe bei dem, was du gelogen hast! "

"Aus Churchills Lügenfabrik"


DCC apparently used 19,000,000 Euro and The Big Lie method when acting for Covanta during the Poolbeg Waste-To-Toxins Oral hearings.

Escaping US Law?

The proposed Covanta operation at Poolbeg has its HQ in Luxembourg – presumably to firewall it from public liability for 100,000 premature deaths. Covanta also controls Energy Answers International, the organisation now proposing a Waste-To-Toxins incinerator in West Dublin at Rathcoole. This Energy Answers operation is firewalled in The Virgin Islands, not so far from GITMO. Enron, another "Energy" corporation also had multiple special purpose operations in the Caribbean before it managed itself into one of the largest bankruptcies in history. Why are they all afraid of US Jurisprudence?

Apparently these Waste-To-Toxins proposers are using some of the same Big Lies at Poolbeg and at Rathcoole.

Covanta and Energy Answers employ a 10-year-Ex-EPA-Ireland Director as a “consultant”.

Some informed responses to the cynical Big Lies deployed for the proposed Waste-To-Toxins factory at Rathcoole are below.

The Biodiversity Big Lie - Response

Consultant ecologist Mieke Muyllaert said the site was "of greater biodiversity significance than suggested by the environmental impact statement".

The Transportation Big Lie - Response

Transportation expert Christy O'Sullivan said there were significant dangers posed for traffic on the N7.

The Toxins Big Lie - Response

Biochemist Deborah McDermott was incredulous that the applicant had claimed the boiler ash did not qualify as hazardous waste.

The Landscape Big Lie - Response

Rónán Mac Diarmada, an agricultural scientist, said the drawings in the application were flawed. "The landscape drawing is unsatisfactory in terms of detail and accuracy. The site boundary does not correlate with other consultants' drawings. The site layout does not show levels and does not correspond to engineers' drawings."


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