September 24, 2009

DDDA Covering Up?

Currently DDDA is firing staff.  Some are exiting the building on Thursday, September 24, 2009.

Is this an opportunity for DDDA to get some files mixed up or even lost?

The Irish Police (Gardai) took about six months after the fact to raid the HQ-offices of Anglo-Irish Bank.

The Dublin Docklands Developers Autocracy (DDDA) is considered by some to be the planning-permission-front for Anglo-Irish Bank and for the coming NAMA scheme.  As is generally understood DDDA has adopted many best practices from Anglo-Irish.  Anglo seems to have cooked its books; DDDA has not yet published its accounts for 2008.   DDDA is hiding something big, and lots of small things.

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Anonymous said...

Anglo-Irish Bank Hiding Accounts Best Practice = DDDA Best Practice.

Example - Letter From A Jackass:

I refer to the article titled ‘Government buys time on Anglo cash call’ on the front page of the Money and Markets section (October 4).

The article reported the fact that Anglo Irish Bank had changed its year-end date from September to December and stated that this ‘‘required the prior approval of the Financial Regulator’’.

While the Financial Regulator was aware in advance of the decision by Anglo to change its year-end date and considered the transparency issues arising, the above quote is not correct.

The prior approval of the Financial Regulator was not required. It is a matter for a company to decide the date to which its annual accounts relate.

N. F., Press Officer, Financial Regulator

Source: Letters to the SBP editor
Sunday, October 18, 2009