September 24, 2009

DDDA To Be Sued By McNamara?

There is a scurrilous rumour however true or false that DDDA is in the process of being sued for €70,000,000 by McNamara Construction concerning the Irish Glass Bottle site in Ringsend.  Is this accurate? 

McNamara's sister's architecture company is in a position of influence on 'The Board' at DDDA.  Mr McNamara is a former elected official.

McNamara is part of the Becbay grouping.  Becbay is a co-investor with Quinlan Private and DDDA at IGB-Ringsend where DDDA has helped put taxpayers into the hole for up to €450,000,000 plus interest.   It will soon be 2010, yet DDDA has not published its 2008 accounts.

DDDA's chairman and 'governance expert' is the wife of the former PD leader.

The PD's have a vision to create a Manhattan in Poolbeg.  Manhattan has large rats which scurry across the sidewalks at nighttime.  Poolbeg only has small Irish rats who have visions of being world-class rats.

It's reported a Mr Quinlan, a former government tax officer, has moved to Switzerland to legally avoid Irish taxes.  Mr Quinlan is another investor in the Irish Glass Bottle site.

NAMA may spend up to €450,000,000 of taxpayer money to buy the IGB site to bail out Anglo-Irish Bank and unknown offshore bonds salesmen.



The IGB site and the neighbouring ZOE site are surrounded by large black walls constructed on public land.  These psuedo-legal structures tend to direct the public whether on foot or on bicycle into dangerous traffic (cement trucks, commuters). 

Last week two cyclists were killed by trucks in Dublin.

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Anonymous said...

Bernard McNamara and his company Donatex are suing the DDDA in relation to interest payments on the site, where about €30m has been spent on decontamination.