October 11, 2010

Fine Gael Traitorship on Poolbeg Incinerator

TD Creighton along with fellow Punch & Judy colleagues Gormley, Andrews and Quinn have published many expensive flyers in Sandymount & Ringsend at taxpayer expense.  

So why has TD Creighton not informed the people of Sandymount & Ringsend about MKC or even about the following?

It seems the director of communications at FG is directly connected to Berty's storm troopers at MKC, implementers of A Chara Goebbels Big Lies on incineration in Dublin Bay, including muffling of the media and censorship of informed letters to The Irish Times from Sandymount.

Is FG just another in a long line of inbred traitors in Ireland?

Or does the honourable TD Creighton prefer to sit at the back of Sandymount & Merrion Resident Association meetings mouthing jibes about Gormley?  Where twitching Chris Andrews and Gormley are afraid to show up at SAMRA, pension-time-servers afraid of all the old and highly informed grannies in Sandymount.

This level of contribution from TD Creighton after years of training as an Irish lawyer,  (not nec perjorative; not nec oxymoronic), comes from a Sheedy-Lawyer profession which continues to contribute much less pleasure to Irish society than the oldest billable-minutes hoor (hoor, the Dutch word).

FG Communications director Ciaran Conlon is ex-MKC.
MKC are well paid promoters of the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator.

MKC's clients & connections & patriots linked with FF include the following, most of whom appear to cynically or covertly promote the Poolbeg Incinerator with direction from de Drumcondra mafia:

  • Covanta 
    • (US Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, New Jersey, - a garden state stinking of polluting refineries
  • RTE
    • Member RTE Authority, SOB
  • Irish Times
  • Irish Independent
    • prior employer of MKCs SOB)
  • Engineers Ireland
    • covertly promotes the Poolbeg Incinerator:
    • Ask honourable Chris Horn,
    • Ask Herr Truthiness PJ Rudden of RPS
  • US Chamber of Commerce
    • /Us Ambassador?
  • National Development Plan
  • Dublin Transportation Office
  • PDs
  • Bertie Ahern advisor, Howlin 
    • googled recently from T-shocks office
  • FG Phil Hogan
    • fed by MKC.
No publicly declared direct connections to RPS (€25 million to promote Poolbeg Incinerator) nor to ESRI (also paid by DCC to promote incineration).

Adrian Kelleher Says:
October 11th, 2010 at 6:15 pm @Charlie
FG are enthusiastic proponents of the incinerator if Phil Hogan is any guide.
FG Communications director Ciaran Conlon is ex-MRPA (aka MKC),
btw, a lineal antecedent of the ever-shifting MKC Communications.

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Anonymous said...

oh dear - aftet a valliant effort I think you're losing the battle now that they can buy the land. foresure! WTE is an excellent idea, the company are making ongoing improvements to what comes out of the stack (which is no worse than a coal fired station anyway). Enjoy!