October 15, 2010

"Incineration is perfectly safe" - Covanta Big Lie

 Covanta's Mad Men

So the Danes are world-class environmentalists?  Until recently Denmark has allowed pollution from modern cigarettes.  So whats the problem with unmonitored pollution from incineration?

In Croke Park at the Bord Pleanála hearing a Danish representative of DONG told a bare faced lie: he said an incinerator "only emits steam".  Danish honesty.

Covanta took a bunch of Irish journalists on a trip to Copenhagen in October 2010.   Sure whats a release between friends, or a Covanta press release for that matter.  DDDA and Anglo-Irish Bank did the same.  And to optimise the hacks valuable time MKC provided the journos with awesome Covanta press releases on the benefits of incineration.

Bada Bing Copenhagen.  
Details of what the hacks did on the trip have not been published as those releases in the live-booths would embarrass their mammies.

You can’t skimp on milk and bread, but you can save on porn during times of crisis.

These esteemed hacks and people of science returned to Ireland to immediately regurgitate the Covanta spin. 

Newstalk is owned by a tax-exiled Irish billionaire who made his money inside Ireland in Irish mobile phones, now the subject of a €200 million and 12 year investigation.  The same billionaire has a major share, with a bank, in The Irish Independent.

Here are some absurd Big Lies from the Irish Independent hack on Newstalk radio on October  14, 2010.

  • Big Lies For Covanta:  "Incinerators are perfectly safe"
  • Big Lies For Covanta:  "All the waste is converted into heat or energy. "  

"Incinerators are perfectly safe" is a simplistic rendering of the refined Big Lie issued in The Irish Times by PJ Rudden, VP at Engineers Ireland, covert and hijacked incineration promoters.  PJ is the Wasters Director at RPS - paid €25 million by DCC to promote incineration.

Its likely this Big Lie is fed by Covanta's Mad Men at MKC who have strong connections to Berty, to RTE, to The Irish Independent and to The Irish Times and to much of the tribe-first cabal selling Ireland to Russian Oligarchs and bringing back-of-the-bus healthcare to Ireland from the rich world's worst health care system, the USA.  

The Irish Indo hack was joined on Newstalk by a "professor" from the ESRI, an alleged expert who did not take the available opportunity to correct the sober journalists errors.  A real professor would correct the hacks nonsense.  No doubt both have been provided with talking points from Covanta's propaganda team in Ireland, MKC.  Spin also rabbited recently by the workers TD Quinn on Newstalk. What did the workers TD Quinn do about the fired 400 workers at IGB when his brother "speculated" by buying the toxic site?  TD Quins parks a workers Skoda out front to hide the sun tan.

The Dutch alleged expert and toll on taxpayers revealed his true Dutch roots by claiming incineration was "cheap", a Dutch obsession.  His blog features the subtle distribution of Big Lies amongst the chancers psuedo-science of economics.

Covanta "hires" similar public employees in the USA after they have been of some service.  Could a professor retire to a cushy number at Covanta? 

ESRI is funded by the unelected incineration team at DCC,  pension lifers, all closely connected to the Drumcondra Mafia.  Also not mentioned on Newstalk (no podcast).

Patriots of De Poolbeg Incinerator Cabal

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