October 6, 2010

MKC's Cute Wee Hoors Damage Ireland? [Poolbeg Incinerator]

Does the Big Lie by MKC's Patriotic Inbred Cabal of Clients Damage Irish Jobs?

Does MKC and its cabal of "clients" and cute wee hoors seriously damage Brand Ireland?  

Does damaging Brand-Ireland damage Irish jobs?  Ask the penal colony.

MKC's clients have been telling Big Lies about "600 jobs".   The truth is the money.  The €750 million to be sent to New Jersey.  Jump Paddy Jump.  Jump Mick Jump.  Where's me Micky says Bertie in the cupboard.  Jaysus its smaller than the son of a farm labourer from Cork.  Mines a beamish.  I don't know schiesskerl BIFFO.

The waste industry in New Jersey has legacy mafia connections similar to Abramovich-Putin's alleged links to the Russian aluminum mafia wars and the Anglo-Irish Bank gaurantee.  Ask dodgy Toni Soprano or ask honest businessman Toni Orlando.  

Toni is an earner. Spaghetti doesn't grow on trees.  Three million per year bonus. 

Perhaps Abramovich-Putin issued "messages" to drunk BIFFO in September 2008.  After all it was after closing time.  Gormley was on the organic beer.  Disgracing the honest County of Kilkenny, TD Hogan of bent Fg was chasing his own shoelaces up his own arsch.  Hogan, no longer welcome at The Shamrocks.

In September 2010 Mr Abramovich, protected from extradition by ownership of Chelsea FC issued a "message" to Irelands already-caved-in Finance Minister.  Pay my subordinated bonds oder Katyn Forest.  The New Jersey mafia can smell patriots caving in.

MKC's latest patriotic workings could result in €750 Million or so being lifted  from Ireland and exported to Mr Zell (Covanta's US Billionaire /Landlord) and to the good bosses of Covanta.  

MKC is apparently a TD-Harney-connected lobbyist for  private US apartheid health care in Ireland.  Whats another €750 million to a bunch of gombeens responsible for liabilities of say €89,000,000,000 and ticking.


Cute Wee Clients & Hoors

Berty in his cupboard damaging Ireland’s brand on a worldwide scale from Silicon Valley to Shanghai with the indirect and unprovable help of patriotic MKC.  Mix-in patriotic Engineers Ireland, patriotic RPS, patriotic Bank of Ireland, Berty's patriotic buddy Gerry Howlin of MKC, The Irish Times political editor Stephen Collins and MKC client American Chamber of Commerce.  Helped by a post-retirement millionaire from Pittsburg, the esteemed US Ambassador.

Ireland has been screwed by the cosy cabal at Anglo-Irish-Bank, DDDA, Central Bank, Financial Regulator and Berty's Patriots.   That's not a once-off.  The corrupt and inbred culture continues in many forms.  Incest is bad for business.  The Rottweiler in Italien knows that (Ausgabe Wie immer ohne Gew√§hr).

MKC's Gerry Howlin

Gerry Howlin of MKC is a former advisor to Bertie Ahern.  Bertie from his cupboard has damaged Ireland's brand on a worldwide basis.  Colleague T-Shock BIFFO went on radio when drunk. The Drumcondra Mafia's boss apparently got buckets of cash from a Manchester Businessman.  This mafia is linked to the Sheedy Affair in Matt Coopers book (Supreme Court judge and others knobbled, including the registrar later appointed to lead Dublins legal profession.  Hint: rymes with Nixon).  

MKC Client Engineers Ireland & Covanta

MKC’s clients include multiple-lawbreaker Covanta and hijacked Engineers Ireland. 

A VP of Engineers Ireland is PJ Rudden.
The Director at RPS acting against voter wishes for Dublin Council unelected pensio-time-servers is PJ Rudden.
In January 2010 Engineers Ireland issued an apparently worthy document from a team of ‘experts’ on the topic of Irish Infrastructure.  EI President Chris Horn of respected Iona (now sold) claims EI is just an amateur organisation.  Ah shucks.

EI omitted to mention PJ Rudden’s role promoting incineration.
EI omitted to mention the consulting contracts given by incineration promotors (DCC; Energy Answers Intl/Covanta related) to a former state-employee. The employee was a former director at EPA-Ireland. EI did list that old EPA employment to add cr4edibility to EI’s pro-incineration posture while omitting the most recent contracts for the ex EPA employee from the incineration industry.

DCC funded ESRI to pitch for incineration.  So far RPS has received about €25 million.  

RPS's Rudden used the Irish Times to place apparent disinformation into the public domain, denying any health impact from "modern" incinerators.  That's a bare faced untruth even before considering Covanta/Ogdens twenty year record of thousands of dioxins and other air pollution fines for breaking American laws.  Good man PJ, patriot.   

Judge McKechnie of the High Court said DCC's Matt Twomey massaged RPS reports and did other dodgy things.  The good Matt has now retired on a lucrative pension to be funded by closing hospital services.

CBRE's "research director" gave what honest observers deem to be spin or even  lies or untruths to Bord Pleanala.  No data was published, a very large curiosity for an alleged "research director".  At least one of CBRE's charts presented to the public hearing and to the honest Bord Pleanala Inspector was cynically misleading.   CBRE also conveniently valued the polluted Irish Glass Bottle site at €415 million.  The esteemed and patriotic CBRE genius has been rewarded by the inbred cabal bankrupting Ireland for this professional kowtowing by being appointed to NAMA. 

Guess why Ireland is bankrupt.


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